Newmarket jockey in road safety plea after near-miss with her horse

Another near miss with a car while riding her horse has prompted jockey Rosie Margarson to call for action on Newmarket's roads.

The 26-year-old was aboard five-time winner Caribbean Spring when she went to cross the road at St Mary’s Square.

After checking it was safe several times, the vehicle came out of nowhere just as she was starting to move out on the thoroughbred.

"If he had taken another step forward it would have hit us," she said.

"It makes me feel sick when I watch it back on my hat-cam."

Amateur rider Margarson, who has won on Caribbean Spring at Southwell, normally uses the camera to provide lighthearted updates about the horse on social media.

But it has often also picked up how close cars get to the horse and others at the stable run by her father George Margarson – who has trained in Newmarket for over 20 years.

Around 3,000 racehorses are stabled in and around the town.

"Until someone gets hit by a car I feel nothing is going to change," Rosie said.

"We tend to have one near miss a morning. There has been a huge increase since lockdown eased of people not caring and slowing down for us.

"We care about our horses so much and the situation is very frustrating."

Rosie believes better signage and education of drivers is key to improving matters.

She added that some of the work, like the Pegasus crossing installed in 2019 on the fast Cambridge Road, has been useful.

However she stated that at Fordham Road, there is a glitch when activating the lights – and traffic still moves towards them.

After highlighting her concerns, Rosie has been inundated with support, including more than 7,000 signatures on a Government petition.

It calls for the driving test to examine candidates on how they would approach any situation involving a horse, ridden or loose.

If 10,000 signatures are reached, the Government will respond to it.

Rosie has also contacted her local MP Matt Hancock, The Jockey Club and the British Horse Society.

"The petition started a couple of days ago and I've been overwhelmed by the response," she said.

"People have shared their own stories with me, including a girl whose horse was sadly killed on the road. There was no police comeback.

"It's like the death of a family member and something needs to be done."

The petition can be found here.

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