Trainer of horse with ‘racist name’ hits back at ‘bully’ who filly was named for

A banned racehorse trainer who gave his horse a racist name has launched an attack on the man who he named his horse after.

Eric Guillot has branded TV presenter Ken Rudulph as a ‘bully’ in a furious video posted on social media.

Guillot was described as a ‘disgusting man' in a previous war of words.

Guillot, who has been in the industry for 30 years, has been banned from meets across the United States, and is unable to add to his £9.6m fortune of race winnings.

The horse in question was named Grape Soda, which is a derogatory term for black people in America, leading to condemnation of Guillot from almost the entire community.

Guillot posted on Twitter: "He's [Rudulph] such a bully!

“This is the REASON I did it, nothing to do with racism.

"But he is using the race horse platform for personnel issues because his OWN race does not except him don't think it's anything else."

Rudulph had said about the name: "You know him and he made his intentions crystal clear."

In an attempt to justify the name, Guillot has previously tried to play it off as a joke.

Talking to, Guillot said: "I was just teasing him. It wasn't meant in a harmful way.

"I did nothing wrong but be a common comedian, and my skin's a little too light to be joking about grape sodas. If Chris Rock or David Chappelle had said it, it would be OK.

"He [Rudulph] is the most privileged black person I know.

"He plays the 180-degree Black Lives Matter racist card and is as condescending as you get.

"It has nothing to do with me being racist.

"This is what he wanted. I just fuelled the fire is what I did."

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