World Series 2018: Red Sox, Dodgers set records for longest game in series history

The Red Sox and Dodgers played one of the most epic games in MLB history Friday, shattering records for the longest game in World Series and postseason history.

The game finally ended at 3:30 a.m. ET, after 7 hours, 20 minutes, breaking the previous longest game by time in World Series history, Game 3 of the 2005 series between the White Sox and Astros in Houston, which lasted 5 hours, 41 minutes.

And the Red Sox-Dodgers marathon Friday night/Saturday morning broke a 102-year-old record for the longest game, by innings, in World Series history. By an extreme coincidence, the same two franchises were involved in the previous marathon matchup, when the Brooklyn Robins beat the Boston Red Sox in 14 innings in Game 2 of the 1916 World Series.

Game 3 also set records for the longest postseason game time-wise, besting the previous record (six hours, 23 minutes) set in Game 2 of the 2014 NLDS between the Nationals and Giants.

How crazy was Game 3 in terms of time? So long that some pundits joked they could not remember the game’s starting pitchers. Sandy Koufax? Luis Tiant?

Actually, the legendary Dodgers pitching ace Koufax provided one of the great storylines many hours before the game’s finish, when he stood and applauded Dodgers starter Walker Buehler after yet another strikeout. 

Sandy Koufax approves of Walker Buehler’s performance.

But as the hours dragged on, it became apparent this game had become a classic for the ages, setting numerous records. Consider this: According to Stats By STATS, Game 3 took more time than the entire 1939 World Series, when the Yankees swept the Reds in four games that lasted a combined 7:05.

This game has now taken longer than the game time of the entire 1939 #WorldSeries.

That year, the Yankees swept the Reds in four games that took a combined 7:05.

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