Cejudo claims 'throwing kitchen sink' is only way Jon Jones is beaten

Henry Cejudo claims ‘throwing the kitchen sink’ at Jon Jones is the only way any heavyweight stands a chance against ‘the best competitor in the UFC’ when he steps up to make division debut

  • Jon Jones has not fought in the UFC since vacating his light-heavyweight title 
  • ‘Bones’ is set to step up at heavyweight in September against Stipe Miocic 
  • Henry Cejudo believes there is only one way to defeat Jones, with power 
  • He said: ‘This is why Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones is a very dynamite fight’

The only way Jon Jones can be stopped at heavyweight is with brute force, according to Henry Cejudo. 

‘Bones’ has been out of action for more than two years since vacating his light-heavyweight title and is yet to make his debut in the division above. 

He is anticipated to face Stipe Miocic in September and Cejudo thinks Jones is too technical for all of the heavyweights. 

Jones has not made an appearance in over two years but is set to make heavyweight debut 

Henry Cejudo believes the power of heavyweights is their only chance against ‘Bones’ 

‘I think Jon Jones could fight another 10 fights man, and retire undefeated. I really do’, he told The Schmozone.

‘That’s the fight that’s gonna happen (Jones vs. Miocic). That’s where you’re gonna be able to really see the creativity of Jon. 

‘If you really think about it, Stipe doesn’t really have that — yeah, he knocked out (Fabricio) Werdum, but Werdum kind of walked into that punch, but I don’t see Stipe with like, crazy knockout power. I think Stipe’s greatest gift is his endurance.’

Jones has elite wrestling and defensive skills and for Cejudo’s money is mentally and technically on another level. 

He added: ‘The way you beat a guy like Jon Jones, you’re gonna have to beat him with power. You’re gonna have to take risk, and that’s gonna be with power. 

‘This is why Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones is a very dynamite fight, because you have technician… Jon Jones knows how to win. 

‘The only person that could really counter that is a guy that take risks, someone who can throw out the kitchen sink.

‘That’s the only way to beat Jon Jones. You won’t beat him with attack, counter-attack, anticipation. 

Jones appeared to be losing his shine at light-heavyweight but says he has a new lease of life 

‘You’re not a better competitor than him. He’s the best competitor right now in the UFC, pound-for-pound, in any division.’

Miocic has not fought since losing the title to Francis Ngannou last summer and delayed a comeback, telling Jones he will be in shape by September. 

With Ngannou’s future shrouded in doubt, the winner of would be in line for a shot at a vacant belt if the Cameroonian opts for free agency when his contract expires at the end of this year.  

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