Conor McGregor claims he will 'probably NEVER retire' from UFC again

Conor McGregor claims he will ‘probably NEVER retire’ from UFC again as he gears up for his latest return against Dustin Poirier… before admitting he briefly stepped away last year as he felt ‘shelved’ by the sport

  • Conor McGregor is making his return to UFC with a rematch vs Dustin Poirier
  • Ahead of UFC 257, McGregor revealed why he stepped away briefly from UFC
  • The 32-year-old Irishman expressed his frustration at feeling ‘shelved’ by UFC
  • McGregor has sparked a war of words with rival Khabib Nurmagomedov again 

Conor McGregor has boldly claimed he will be ‘competing for a long, long time yet’ within UFC ahead of his latest comeback as he revealed his brief stint away from the sport last year was born out of pure frustration.

McGregor announced his retirement for the third time in four years in 2020 but is now back in business again as he prepares for his return at UFC 257 in a rematch against Dustin Poirier this weekend.

And ahead of the Irishman’s eagerly-anticipated comeback, McGregor has explained that he felt completely ‘shelved’ by UFC before stepping away from the sport again last year – claiming he was becoming bored by the lack of exciting opponents available to him.

Conor McGregor is making his latest UFC comeback against Dustin Poirier this weekend

McGregor told ESPN this week: ‘I’ll probably never retire from the game to be honest, I’ll be competing for a long, long time yet.

‘It (the 2020 retirement) was certainly born out of frustration, when you’re trying to get these events going and get things moving and it’s not happening.

‘It felt like I was shelved, I felt like if I’d been run out a couple more times last year, not only would my skill set and my sharpness and everything be in tune more, we’d be talking $800 million in revenue for the company.

‘It was certainly born out of frustration but it is what it is, the past is the past. We are in a great spot now. I feel like I’ve got what I needed to get off my chest and I feel it’s been reciprocated well and the other side have come back as well.

The Irishman has claimed he will be ‘competing for a long, long time yet’ now he has returned

‘I am in a great spot and I am excited to come back as well. We’re focusing on the positive side of it and we’re focusing on the future.’

McGregor takes on Poirier in the early hours of Sunday morning, with the American looking to avenge his loss to the ‘Notorious’ from back in 2014 at UFC 178.

McGregor won the first encounter after knocking out the American in just under two minutes.

But it’s a potential rematch in the future with long-time rival Khabib Nurmagomedov that is dominating talk of McGregor’s comeback.

McGregor sent a strong message to UFC president Dana White, claiming he retired last year as he felt ‘shelved’ by the organisation

And McGregor believes he would destroy Khabib if they were to meet again, after the Irishman suffered a fourth-round submission defeat to the reigning lightweight champion two years ago in the headline bout of UFC 229.

When asked about Khabib’s recent retirement, he told ESPN: ‘I think he’s afraid to fight me. That’s for damn sure. And I don’t blame him. I know exactly what to face.

‘I fought the best of him that night, he fought the worst of me on that night. He knows it, I know it, his team knows it.

‘I’ve the answer to destroy that man. He can pull the wool over people’s eyes for only so long.’

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