Conor McGregor sparks angry response from Khabib in x-rated exchange

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor have become involved in another angry social media exchange – after UFC president Dana White proclaimed the Russian "is the man now".

White claimed that Nurmagomedov now "calls the shots" as a result of McGregor's inactivity since being beaten in their clash last November.

It appears those words did not go down too well with the Irish superstar, who has long been considered the biggest star in MMA.

McGregor blasted Khabib on Twitter , slamming his "Jock strap sniffer championships" and questioning the size of his "marquee event" when he took on Dustin Poirier last month.

McGregor wrote: "Who’s not the man? Your man had that marquee event did he? More like an event in a marquee. A tent in the f****** sand it was. Keep spoofing to your self horse. Jock strap sniffer championships."

It prompted an angry response from Russia ace Nurmagomedov, who slammed McGregor in Russian in no time at all.

His response translated as "this is a fiasco, alky (alcoholic)", before McGregor replied "see you in Moscow, pussy".

Amusingly, McGregor's reply in Russian saw him use a literal translation of a word for "cat" in Russian, which does not carry the negative connotations of the phrase he was translating from English.

McGregor also posted a picture of himself seemingly at a Russian visa centre, hinting he is putting the wheels in motion for a trip to the country for a rematch.

Whilst the war of words between the pair has been ongoing, Khabib's team have stated they have no intention of giving McGregor a rematch for his comeback fight.

Dana White also confirmed he will not make a match between McGregor and Frankie Edgar after their social media spat, instead naming Donald Cerrone and Justin Gaethje as more likely opponents for his comeback fight.

White told  NESN  : "Frankie Edgar is two weight classes below  Conor McGregor  , and we have other plans for Frankie right now.

"That's not the fight to make. That guy is in line for another title run, so for him to jump out of his weight class and go up two weight classes to fight Conor makes absolutely no sense when he could possibly be in line for another title shot.

"For Conor, we've got Cowboy (Donald Cerrone), we've got (Justin) Gaethje . There are guys out there that Conor could fightHe's .

"We'll see what happens with Nate Diaz and Masivdal next month, and the list goes on and on."

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