Cormier says it will be 'very difficult' for McGregor to win UFC title

Daniel Cormier fears it will be ‘very difficult’ for Conor McGregor to be crowned the UFC champion again because the sport has ‘evolved’ since he reigned supreme… as legend calls for Irishman to face someone more ‘manageable’ than Dustin Poirier

  • Daniel Cormier says it will be ‘very difficult’ for Conor McGregor to win UFC gold 
  • McGregor, 33, reigned supreme in two divisions but has hit an alarming slump 
  • The Irishman has won one of his last four fights and is the No 9 lightweight
  • Cormier says the sport has ‘evolved’ and McGregor offers no more surprises
  • He has suggested that the Notorious take on a ‘manageable’ opponent next 

Daniel Cormier believes it will be ‘very difficult’ for Conor McGregor to reclaim UFC gold because the sport has evolved since the Irishman reached the lofty heights which took him to global superstardom.

McGregor, 33, is reeling from back-to-back defeats by Dustin Poirier in 2021, with the Irishman sliding down to No 9 in the lightweight rankings, having conquered the division in 2016.

The Notorious is currently nursing a leg injury and his return date is unknown, with many onlookers concerned that the 33-year-old may struggle to replicate the magic that made him the UFC’s first two-weight world champion.

Daniel Cormier believes it will be ‘very difficult’ for Conor McGregor to win UFC gold again

Now, former UFC heavyweight and light-heavyweight king Cormier believes that McGregor will find it ‘very difficult’ to return to the sport’s summit because his style is no longer ‘new’ and the sport has evolved tremendously. 

‘I think that’s hard to expect him to get back to where he was, it would be very difficult,’ he said. ‘The sport constantly evolves. The guys are better. The guys are, you know, more in shape, ready to go. 

‘They now understand what they have in front of them. I think one of the biggest things that Conor had for himself, was that nobody really had seen him. Nobody had seen that type of striker back in 2014/2015. 

McGregor, 33, holds a record of three defeats from his last four bouts inside the Octagon

UFC legend Cormier believes that rivals have closed the skills gap on the Irish superstar

‘Now, like, those guys are littered around weight classes, and they’ve gotten used to dealing with them. And I think that’s why he’s come into the problems that he’s had. Because it’s not new anymore.’

Despite this, McGregor has been linked with a title fight against reigning champion Charles Oliveira, who is seemingly keen to dance with the Irishman once he is fully healed. 

Cormier admitted that McGregor only needs one victory to put himself back in title contention as ‘the rules are different’ for the Notorious, and suggested that his next opponent is someone ‘manageable’.

He believes that McGregor should take on a more ‘manageable’ opponent in his next fight

‘His rules are different from everyone else. He’s constantly in contention regardless of what’s happening in the fights. Now he’s lost. I mean, he’s lost three fights in a row now. So he’s lost, like two fights in a row, three or four. 

‘But if he comes back, and he has a great performance, he’ll be right away back into contention. 

‘I think what we’ll see is somebody manageable. Right, the Cowboy (Cerrone) fight was someone manageable. So someone with high name value, but not necessarily the threat of a Dustin Poirier.’ 

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