Dustin Poirier’s coach responds to calls for fourth fight with Conor McGregor

Dustin Poirier's coach Mike Brown doesn't see the need for his fighter to have a fourth fight with Conor McGregor after winning their trilogy over the weekend.

The duo fought three times over the last seven years, with McGregor winning the first in 2014 before Poirier won both rematches this year.

But due to McGregor suffering a severe leg break in the final few seconds of the first round of their UFC 264 fight, doctors put a stop to the contest and muddied the results of the contest.

Poirier won the round on all three judges' scorecards, picking up two 10-8s to indicate sustained dominance, but McGregor has declared that the feud is not over.

And while Brown disagrees with the sentiment, promotional boss Dana White has floated the idea of potentially doing a fourth down the road between the pair.

“I don’t think [a fourth fight is necessary]," Brown told MMA Fighting in the aftermath of the bout.

"But who knows where they’ll be when Conor gets healthy and is back in there. We’ll see where he goes. He’s got a journey ahead of him.

"Maybe he needs to fight somebody else and get a win or two to get back up there but he’s also the biggest star in the sport.

“He’s changed the game, done so much for the sport. He’s the biggest star the sport has ever seen. He brings a lot of eyeballs.

"He’s done a lot of great things but I think skill wise, we’ve got the superior fighter with Dustin."

Brown also claimed that he was not surprised by how the fight played out, saying that he felt the Irishman was throwing with a lot of power, but not as much precision.

“I’m not surprised," Brown added. "Dustin’s boxing is super tight, super sharp and he cracks – he can hit hard.

"He’s really dangerous with both hands so if he puts his gloves on you, you’re going to feel it.

"I thought that Conor was blasting those legs, he looked like he was throwing them hard and it concerned me a little bit cause he was throwing them so hard but the placement wasn’t very good.

"He was landing around the knee area, which is real dangerous for him, Dustin threw a nice calf kick and it landed solid on the muscle.

"You land a couple of those and he’s not walking, it looked like the ones that Conor was throwing was kind of smashing around the knee, which is probably what gave him the problems.

"Dustin kind of lifted his leg a little bit so the small part of Conor’s ankle is hitting against that big, strong, bony part of the knee, which is not good for Conor.”

Regardless of what happens next for McGregor, Poirier's next bout will be for the undisputed UFC lightweight title against new champion Charles Oliveira later this year.

The Irishman has said that he plans to "rebuild", while his management have confirmed he is plotting a return to fighting once he has recovered from his nasty leg break.

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