Jones will be desperate for MMA skills to take centre stage at UFC 285

Smashing up a £150,000 Bentley, a hit and run incident on a pregnant woman and grim arrest in Las Vegas after a Hall of Fame induction… Jon Jones will be desperate for his MMA skills to take centre stage at UFC 285

  • Jon Jones is preparing to make his return to the octagon at UFC 285 on Saturday
  • The American fighter will hope his fighting skills steal the show on the weekend
  • Here, Sportsmail looks at the multiple run-ins with the law that Jones has had

Fans of the UFC are in eager anticipation for this weekend’s event as Jon Jones prepares to make his long-awaited return to the octagon.

The American fighter will make his first appearance inside the cage for three years when he faces off with France’s Ciryl Gane in a bout for the vacant heavyweight title.

The 35-year-old is seen as one of the greatest fighters to ever step foot inside the octagon and his return to the UFC will have fans reminiscing on his best moments.

However, there are a number of scandals and run-ins with the law that have tarnished his reputation both inside and outside of the octagon. 

And, here, Sportsmail takes a look the ridiculous rap sheet that Jones boasts ahead of his fight for the UFC heavyweight title. 

Jon Jones will return to the cage for the first time in three years when he faces Ciryl Gane


Jones’ first major brush with the law came in 2012 when the UFC star crashed his £150,000 Bentley into a traffic pole after a night out partying.

The light-heavyweight star had two women in the car at the time of the accident and was given a £827 [$1,000] fine. 

He also had his drivers’ licence suspended for six months after refusing to take a sobriety test and was ordered to complete a victims impact class.


Jones’ first altercation with the law outside of the octagon didn’t seem to derail his progress inside of it too much, until his clash with Daniel Cormier two years later.

The two American light-heavyweights had been scheduled to fight at UFC 178 – before it later got moved – and tensions boiled over at a press event in August 2014.

As the two fighters went head-to-head in an on-stage face-off, Cormier gave his counterpart a shove in the throat.  

Jones responded by throwing a punch and sparking a mass brawl during the press conference as a huge crowd formed to try and stop the violence. 

The light-heavyweight was fined $50,000 and given 40 hours community service for brawling with Cormier.

The 35-year-old smashed up his £150,000 Bentley in 2012 and refused to take a sobriety test

Two years later, he clashed with light-heavyweight rival Daniel Cormier at a press conference


His escapades outside the octagon went from bad to worse within a year after the light heavyweight star was involved in a felony hit-and-run which resulted in a pregnant woman sustaining a serious arm injury.

In April 2015, police alleged that Jones ran a red light and crashed his rental car in a collision involving two other vehicles before fleeing the scene on foot. 

For injuring a person and purposely leaving the scene of an accident, Jones’ charges were elevated to a felony. He later turned himself in that same night. 

Jones met with company president Dana White shortly after, which lead to the decision to strip him of the title, remove him from official rankings, and suspend him indefinitely.


The American eventually avoided jail time for the incident in April 2015 but was given 18 months probation – which he later violated. 

In March 2016, Jones was taken to Albuquerque jail after violating his probation due to being given five tickets for drag racing. 

He was filmed being abusive to the officer in question and was told to take anger management and driving classes. 

The week prior he was accused of drag racing and given five citations.

Jones was sent to Albuquerque jail after violating his probation in 2016 for a hit-and-run


In July 2019, he was charged with battery for allegedly placing a cocktail waitress in a chokehold and lifting her off the ground at an Albuquerque strip club.

Jones received a 90-day deferred sentence which instructed that he must avoid arrest, not consume alcohol or drugs and not return to the scene.


It would only take eight months for Jones to enter into more drama with law officials after he was charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated (DWI) and negligent use of a firearm in 2020.

The UFC star had been found by police with ‘a half-empty bottle of tequila and handgun’ in his car. 

The police allegedly found Jones in a Jeep with the engine running. He denied firing the weapon but allegedly failed a breathalyser test twice. 

His punishment was four days house arrest, one year of supervised probation, a minimum of 90 days of outpatient therapy, and 48 hours of community service. 

In a video released by police, Jones (left) was given tasks in an attempt to prove his sobriety


In November 2020, though it didn’t result in a brush with the law, Jones shared a video in which he chased a suspected burglar off his property with a shotgun.

The video showed security footage from Jones’ driveway at his house, and the alleged robber can be seen around the car before Jones emerges.

The UFC star chased the man away, whilst holding a shotgun. He shared the video with a caption: ‘Next time you try to rob someone, make sure you’re fast enough to out run them.’


Finally, his most recent scuffle with the law came on the same night he was inducted into the UFC’s Hall of Fame in September 2021. 

Jones was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence after a security guard at Caesars Palace realised his fiancee, Jessie Moses, had a bloody lip and blood on her clothes. 

The bodycam video captured by one of the officers present at the scene showed an emotionally distressed Jones allege that he had been arrested because of his race, tell the policemen he hated them and also headbutt the vehicle. 

His fiancee gave a statement to police in Las Vegas and admitted that the 34-year-old had ‘got a little physical’ with her in front of their three children. 

Police say he was taken into custody after resisting arrest and he was released after bail of £5,850 was paid before later completing an anger management course.

Jones was arrested by police in Las Vegas on the same night as his UFC Hall of Fame induction

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