Moreno insists 'nobody cares' about Figueiredos threats to UFC

Brandon Moreno insists ‘nobody cares’ about Deiveson Figueiredo demanding more money and slamming interim title bout, with Mexican chasing FOURTH fight against champion if he beats Kai Kara-France

  • Brandon Moreno lost his flyweight title against Deveison Figueiredo at UFC 270 
  • They have now fought three times and Mexican wants them to add number four 
  • He faces Kai Kara-France for the interim belt while Brazilian is injured
  • Figueiredo is annoyed by interim bout but Moreno cannot understand why

‘Nobody cares’ about Deiveson Figueiredo’s demands for more money and his threat to switch divisions, claims Brandon Moreno. 

The Mexican, who lost his flyweight title to the Brazilian in January at UFC 270, is preparing to take on Kai Kara-France for the interim belt in July. 

Figueiredo has railed against the creation of the interim belt while he is out injured and made a number of demands, including more money from the UFC. 

Deiveson Figueiredo believes the interim title fight for the right to take him on is ‘worthless’ 

 Figueiredo (right) reclaimed his flyweight title by beating Brandon Moreno in January

Moreno is baffled by his remarks and told the MMA Hour: ‘I don’t know what he’s thinking right now, [whether] it’s really for the money, or he’s kind of scared.

‘I don’t want to say he’s scared — it’s too much trash talk. I’m sick of trash talk with this guy. I’m done with that. But I don’t know. He doesn’t want to fight, and that’s it. 

‘I know I have an important matchup against Kara-France, but hopefully I can see him again before the end of the year. 

‘He’s saying a lot of different, crazy stuff like, ‘Oh, I want more money and if the UFC doesn’t give me more money, I’m going to go to bantamweight.’

‘Like anybody cares, man. Nobody cares. It’s not like he’s moving to 135 and the UFC is going to go, ‘Oh, OK, you’re going to move to 135? I’m going to give you more money now.’

Moreno and Figueiredo have fought three times in the last 18 months for the title and all of those contests have been sensational to watch. 

He wanted a fourth battle straight away but his rival steered away from it. 

Moreno added: ‘Everybody wanted that fight. UFC, I wanted that fight, obviously – everybody except Figueiredo.

‘He wanted – I don’t know what he wants, to be honest. But he said no, and I felt a little bit frustrated, because I’m lying to you if I say I’m not here for money, because I love money, too. I love to buy stupid things, but imagine the legacy. Four fights against somebody, the first one in [UFC] history, that sounds amazing.

‘Obviously, I’m crossing my fingers to fight him again in the future… because this history is so different than the other ones. The first one was a draw, I beat him terrible in the second one, [and] the f***ing judges in the third one stole my belt. 

Figueiredo defeated Moreno in their trilogy bout but is now recovering from hand injuries

‘I thought the fourth fight against him would be a very interesting match-up. But it is what it is. I’m just really focusing on my next fight against Kara-France.’

‘I’ll be disappointed [if Figueiredo leaves], because just imagine the legacy, the history. Wow. If Figueiredo is watching this or watches this in the future, stop saying stupid things. 

‘Just wait for me and I’ll see you in the future. More than money, more than whatever, legacy, brother. We can make it together.’

Kara-France has won his last three fights and deserves his shot at one of the division’s elite in what should be a superb contest at UFC 277 next month.  

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