Ngannou will NOT fight again in UFC on current terms after Gane clash

Francis Ngannou will REFUSE to compete again in the UFC on current terms of his deal after Ciryl Gane showdown and insists he ‘will not fight for $600,000 anymore’, claiming he has been mistreated

  • Francis Ngannou was furious with the UFC for their interim heavyweight fight
  • His relationship has also deteriorated in recent months over a new contract
  • Champion is desperate to fight Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua for big payday
  • Dana White has said he is free to go when his contract expires if he wants
  • Ngannou insists he will no longer fight for half-a-million dollars a fight 

Francis Ngannou’s fierce contract dispute with the UFC shows no sign of resolution and the heavyweight champion insists he has been ‘wrongly treated’.

Ngannou, who faces Ciryl Gane in his first defence at UFC 270 next Saturday, says he has battled hard to reach the top and wants to be adequately rewarded. 

He told ESPN: ‘No, I will not fight for $500,000, $600,000 any more. 

Francis Ngannou is not happy with his treatment by the UFC during contract negotiations

‘I mean, it’s over. It’s over. I just did this. I took this fight for a personal reason, and I want to make sure that regardless, even if it’s unfair, I have been wrongly treated, I can make my case to say I have completed the eight fights. But no.

He added: ‘The reason why I’m here is because I earned it. Nobody has given me anything. 

‘So I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, but I’m sure I will make it. I will keep making it. 

‘I’m want to win this fight, but if I lost, it’s fine. I don’t think that takes anything out of me as a man. I have done a lot as a man.

Ngannou won the belt last year when he knocked out Stipe Miocic in the first round

Dana White has previously said that Ngannou is free to leave when his contract is up 

‘Even if this was the end, well, I’ll say I did it. Not many people in their lifetime, even those who have better opportunities than I, can tell the same story as me. I’m happy where I am.’

Dana White has previously suggested Ngannou’s representation are doing him a disservice but said the Cameroonian is free to go when his deal runs out. 

He told ESPN: ‘Look, if you want to be with us, we’d love to have you. If you don’t want to be with us, no problem. It’s all good.

Ngannou is to have his first title defence against Ciryl Gane next Saturday night 

‘I think his contract, and this is off the top of my head, if he wins he still has time with us after this fight. He’d probably have one more fight.

‘These things happen. Sometimes you don’t always come to terms with people.

‘When you’re a fighter, you have to be careful who represents you. I don’t think he’s had the best representation.’

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