Poirier expresses regret over $500,000 charity row with McGregor

Dustin Poirier regrets going public with his row with Conor McGregor over the Irishman not donating the $500,000 he pledged to the American’s charity… but stands by what he said and vows to knock him out this summer

  • Dustin Poirier has opened up on his $500,000 charity row with Conor McGregor 
  • He accused McGregor of failing to donate the money pledged before UFC 257
  • The Diamond says he regrets attaching negativity to his Good Fight Foundation
  • However, Poirier added that he ‘didn’t say anything untrue’ on social media
  • McGregor has since given $500,000 to a different charity in Poirier’s hometown 

Dustin Poirier has expressed regret over his $500,000 charity donation row with Conor McGregor before insisting that he ‘didn’t say anything untrue’, vowing to knock the Irishman out when they meet this summer. 

The lightweight rivals shared plenty of mutual respect before their meeting at UFC 257 in January, with McGregor pledging to make the hefty donation to Poirier’s charity, The Good Fight Foundation.

However, tempers flared earlier this month when Poirier took to Twitter to accuse McGregor of ‘ghosting’ him and failing to deliver on the huge $500,000 donation.

Dustin Poirier (L) has expressed regret over his $500k charity row with Conor McGregor (R)

Poirier accused McGregor of failing to deliver a donation to his Good Fight Foundation 

The Notorious, 32, responded furiously to Poirier’s remark, insisting that he does his due diligence on all donations made before threatening to pull out of the July 10 contest.

The UFC 264 main event has not been affected, but McGregor has since made a $500,000 donation to a different charity in Poirier’s hometown of Louisiana.

Poirier took to Twitter to apologise for ‘taking private matters public’, and speaking to ESPN, the American has reflected on the row. 

‘We are past that, I don’t want to keep… the whole thing with my tweet, my apology was more for me, I felt like I attached my foundation – something me and my wife have worked so hard to get where it is at – to something negative,’ he told Ariel Helwani. 

McGregor reacted furiously and threatened to walk away from their trilogy bout on July 10

Poirier regrets attaching negativity to his charity but added he didn’t ‘say anything untrue’

‘I don’t want that cloud hanging above it. I attached it to negativity because of the personal thing going on, and when I am the president of the foundation and the voice of it I can’t do those type of things. 

‘Looking back on it I feel bad for attaching my charity to something negative like that and I shouldn’t have done that. But I still stand by… I didn’t say anything untrue. I still stand by everything that happened. 

‘Since then Conor has donated $500,000 to the Boys and Girls Club and that is so incredible because at the end of the day, helping the community, helping people in need was the goal from the jump. At the end of the day charity wins. Mission accomplished. 

‘I see a lot of people saying that was a slap in the face but it’s not my money, it’s the people’s money. Charity wins at the end of the day so it’s great. It wasn’t a slap in the face, it was a high five. It is going to help a lot of kids out.’

Poirier has vowed to repeat the result of UFC 257 and knock McGregor out again in Las Vegas

The donation row will certainly add an element of tension between the pair when they meet this summer, with McGregor branding Poirier an ‘inbred hillbilly’ in a series of tweets.

Poirier had previously admitted that McGregor’s trash talk before their first fight in 2014 affected his mindset, but he has vowed to knock the Irishman out again when they meet in Las Vegas.

‘I’m going to stop Conor again,’ Poirier added. ‘July 10 I’m going to get my hand raised and I’m going to finish Conor McGregor again.’

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