Bronny James threw down first in-game dunk at high school level with LeBron watching

LeBron James' 15-year-old son, Bronny, has made major strides athletically over the past year. He went from trying to dunk in AAU basketball games to throwing down windmills with ease in a matter of months.

And now, he's taking those skills to the high school game.

Bronny – a freshman at Sierra Canyon (Calif.) – had a preseason basketball game on Sunday against San Gabriel Academy (Calif.), which gave the elder LeBron an opportunity to take in his son's high school game ahead of the Lakers' season opener. Bronny didn't disappoint.

During the second half, Bronny jumped into the passing lane and broke free for a breakaway dunk. It was his first in-game dunk at the high school level, and his father was there to see it.

Bronny James just had his first in game dunk as a high schooler with dad watching!!

He also put on a show during the pregame layup line.

Bronny dunk show ?

(? @Ballislife )

And come to think of it, the dunk did look familiar.

Bronny ? Bron @[email protected]/fulf3nsJV4

The now 15-year-old Bronny has had scholarship offers from Duke and Kentucky since elementary school. He'll be playing alongside Dwyane Wade's son, Zaire Wade, at Sierra Canyon this season.

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