Commonwealth Games fans left confused by ‘giant slug’ at Opening Ceremony

Athletics fans were left confused by the appearance of a "giant slug" at the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The 10-day event was kickstarted on Thursday (July 28) evening with a celebration surrounding host city Birmingham. Part of the show produced by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight involved an eye-catching moment when what looked like a slug appeared.

One viewer quite rightly asked: "Why is there a giant slug in the opening ceremony?" It turns out the green blob was a depiction of Dr Samuel Johnson, who made the first modern English dictionary and was born in nearby Lichfield.

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But even still, fans were baffled as to why he'd been turned into such a creature. A second echoed: "Why is Samuel Johnson a slug?"

A third commented: "Samuel Johnson as a giant green slug…. sure why not." And many couldn't help but make comparisons to the Hutt species from Star Wars.

One wrote: "Do we think that Dr. Samuel Johnson imagined that he would one day be portrayed as Jabba the Hut at the #CommonwealthGames?"

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A fellow fan certainly didn't as they tweeted: "Did not think that I was going to see Dr Johnson as a Hutt in the Commonwealth opening ceremony."

Another questioned: "Why is Samuel Johnson a giant slug like Jabba the Hut?" One wasn't happy, posting: "Dr Johnson a giant slug? Absolute DISGRACE!"

One joked: "Samuel Johnson has got to be pretty p***ed about that. ‘Sam, they’re going to depict you in the opening ceremony!’ ‘Oh brilliant, is it someone dedicating their life to the dictionary?’ ‘More of a 20-foot slug in a suit mate.’ ‘Sorry, what?’"

Aside from the slug, the Opening Ceremony featured a giant animatronic bull, which was more of a hit with those watching on, and a flypast from The Red Arrows. A total of 2,000 performers were used to give the story of Birmingham past and present.

Once that had concluded, all 72 teams for the Games entered Alexander Stadium one-by-one, with England coming in last. The action will get underway on Friday and will run until August 8.


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