Djokovic has stuck two fingers up at science and colleagues in spreading gospel

Andy Murray is right when he states no-one wins from the storm surrounding Novak Djokovic.

There are losers all around in the wreckage left behind from the escalating shambles of Djokovic's controversial bid to be part of the Australian Open in Melbourne.

These include the Australian government and tennis authorities, immigration officials, Djokovic himself and even his family, who did utmost to inflame the hostilities with an ill-advised press conference back in Serbia.

Djokovic's mother Dijana claimed her son had been "subject to harassment" and "torture", which might have left some of her fellow Serbians shaking their heads in disbelief, considering what the country had to go through in the 1990s.

She went on, "this is the biggest win of his (Djokovic's) career, it's bigger than any Grand Slam".

No it's not. There is no triumph to be had from this utter shambles.

While his parents and brother ranted and raved, Djokovic returned to the practise courts after the law courts overturned his visa cancellation. He posted a message on social media, insisting he was determined to take part in the tournament, as well as thanking his fans.

His family refused to answer questions about Djokovic attending indoor public events in the days after he tested positive for Covid and conveniently ended the press conference, while the star himself also refused to address the issue.

So as the row rumbles on we are left with more questions than answers from a man who has shouldn't be in Australia in the first place.

He kept silent, he kept organisers guessing about his vaccination status and his tournament credentials should have been withdrawn.

Djokovic is now the public face of anti-vaxers. Legions of those same fans he's thanked took to the streets of Melbourne and Belgrade to protest, breaking Covid rules in the process.

Djokovic might be spreading his gospel, but in a dangerous and irresponsible twist of fate, he also helping to spread the virus.

Djokovic lives in his own world, one in which he believes the vaccination represents more bad than good to society. And he's now invited those brainwashed by his beliefs into that twisted place to wreak havoc on one of the biggest tennis occasions on the planet.

He's supposed to be a role model for millions, but has stuck two fingers up to medical science and shown a blatant disregard for those he wants to share a locker room with during the tournament.

All this could have been avoided had Djokovic got vaccinated, but if he thinks he can get through life without protection, he might want to think again should he make it to his first round match, because the atmosphere will be poisonous. A tin cap won't even cover it.

Just imagine if this happens to a football star ahead of the Qatar World Cup? In fact, let's not, because it doesn't bear thinking about.

But if one good thing comes from this whole mess, it should be that future sporting events learn from this episode and manage to avoid a repeat of it in the future.

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