Heatcheck podcast – Will Clippers win the title?

Host Jaydee Dyer is joined by three-time NBA champion BJ Armstrong, Le Mans and Team GB forward Ovie Soko and Sky Sports analyst Mo Mooncey to chop up the latest news and storylines from around the league.

The boys are back and Jaydee Dyer had BJ Armstrong, Mo Mooncey and Ovie Soko reeling from his hot takes this week.

First up is a look at the Los Angeles Clippers and whether – with the two-way tandem of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard ably supported by veteran point guard Rajon Rondo – they can finally go all the way this season.

After that the team discuss whether last season’s Eastern Conference champions the Miami Heat can once again upset Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks, before attentions turn back to Los Angeles.

Will the Lakers make the playoffs? At least one Heatcheck viewer thinks they will fall short in the Play-In Tournament, which sees LeBron James and company host Steph Curry and the Warriors late Wednesday night.


  • Steph Curry vs LeBron James, two kids from Akron

The winner of that game will face the second seed Phoenix Suns in the first round, while the loser will face the victor of Spurs vs Grizzlies for the right to take on the first seed Utah Jazz.

  • Jonas Valanciunas key in Spurs vs Grizzlies clash

Given the possibilities, BJ thinks that potential Warriors/Jazz matchup would be the highlight of the first round of the playoffs, while Suns fan Ovie wants to see his team prove their mettle against the Lakers.

In Off the Court, Mo Mooncey assesses the state of the Toronto Raptors after a disappointing campaign for Canada’s only NBA franchise and the belief point guard Kyle Lowry, widely acknowledged as the GROAT (Greatest Raptor of All Time), will be leaving the 2019 champions as a free agent this off-season.

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