John Daly sunk 5 beers during PGA Tour event and turned up to tournaments drunk

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Two-time major champion John Daly is known for his antics both on and off the course throughout his whirlwind golf career. Arguably his most remarkable moment though came when competing at the L.A. Open, where the big hitter sank five beers during the middle of a round.

Daly’s lifestyle has been well documented throughout his time in the spotlight, and it is no secret that the American is partial to a beer, and a cigarette or two. The 56-year-old previously revealed that his pre-tournament routine included ‘smoking four or five cigarettes’ just before making his way to the first tee.

Enjoying one of his guilty pleasures mid-round though is a whole different ball game, but that didn’t stop Daly from having a tipple when out in Los Angeles.

Speaking on the ESPN documentary ‘Hit It Hard’, the 56-year-old admitted to necking beers during a round, insisting that it did in fact improve his game. He said: “I never had any alcohol on the golf course that I remember, except for one time, and that was the L.A. Open.

“It was so slow and I played the back nine first. I think I’m two or three over. I went into the locker room and downed like five beers, and I think I shot four under on the front nine. That is the only time I know that I ever drank during a round, and I played great. I played great that week. I finished strong.”

As well as drinking during the round, Daly had also previously admitted that he enjoyed a beverage pre-tournament too, having admitted in a 2016 interview with Graham Bensinger that he would often binge drink ahead of an event, and would turn up either hungover or drunk.

He first burst onto the scene as a hotshot 25-year-old at the 1991 PGA Championship. The American began the major event as a relative unknown, but that wasn’t the case come the end of play on Sunday.

The Californian remarkably went on to win the tournament at the very first attempt, after seeing off Bruce Lietzke by three shots to secure his maiden major title. Daly had entered the event as the ninth alternate after a number of dropouts ahead of him.

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After hearing the news of his inclusion the then 25-year-old had to travel through the night over to Indianapolis to make his tee time on the opening day of the event. Despite having no preparation and practice, Daly rubbed shoulders with golf’s biggest names, and put in a performance for the ages to leave them all in his wake.

That year the American star was unsurprisingly named PGA Tour Rookie of The Year, following a quite remarkable breakthrough season. He has since gone on to become one of golf’s most recognisable faces, winning five PGA Tour titles including a second major at the 1995 Open Championship.

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