Kawhi Leonard branded a ‘snake’ by Raptors fans after incident in Clippers game

Kawhi Leonard may not be so popular with the Toronto Raptors fans after an incident with OG Anunoby.

Leonard helped create history in Toronto last season as he led them to a memorable NBA title – the first in franchise history.

They weren’t able to convince him to stay though as Leonard had his heart set on a return home to California.

Now lacing up for the LA Clippers, Leonard faced off against his former team-mates on Monday night.

Being at the Staples Center meant the game was predominantly going to be filled with Clippers fans.

And that may have been in Leonard’s favour after an accidental clash between him and Anunoby.

Just two minutes into the game, the 2019 NBA Finals MVP caught Anunoby in the eye with a stray hand as he attempted to block out the 22-year-old in the paint.

The Raptors star hit the deck immediately, writhing around in clear pain.

And the damage was clear when Anunoby got back up to his feet, with blood pouring out of his eye.

Nick Nurse was furious with officials for not calling a foul, picking up a technical foul in the process.

Leonard did go over to Anunoby after play was stopped to check on his former team-mate.

But Raptors fans on social media were quick to vent their anger at their former star.

One said: “I will never forgive that eye poke on Anunoby, Kawhi.”

Another wrote: “Kawhi poked OG in the eye! That snake!”

A third fumed: “Kawhi knew he was about to lose so why not poke a mans eye out. What a joke.”


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