Lance Armstrong reveals the ‘worst thing’ he did during drugs shame in new documentary

Lance Armstrong has admitted that the way he treated former masseuse Emma O’Reilly is his biggest regret from his cycling career. Armstrong made the claims in a new ESPN documentary, in which he details his career and drugs shame.

Armstrong spent his cycling career furiously denying any accusations that he was using performance enhancing drugs.

The seven-time Tour De France winner is still considered to be one of the most polarising figures in sporting history.

He was banned for life from the sport back in 2012 after he was found to have been using PEDs throughout his career.

He found himself involved in multiple court battles throughout his career, as he fought to distance himself from doping in cycling.

Speaking in ESPN’s new documentary ‘LANCE’, which details Armstrong’s life, career and drugs shame, the former cyclist admitted he was ashamed at the way he treated former masseuse O’Reilly.

Armstrong reacted furiously when O’Reilly accused him of using drugs back in his Tour De France days.

O’Reilly claimed to have covered up needle marks on Armstrong’s arm by using makeup.

But Armstrong responded to that claim by branding the former masseuse a whore and an alcoholic.

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Now, the American has admitted that the way he treated O’Reilly was one of the biggest regrets of his life, and explained that he reacted that way because he was in “attack mode.”

“What is the worst thing?” Armstrong contemplated.

“Everyone needs to hear this question – what is the worst thing you’ve ever done?

“Probably the way I treated and spoke about Emma O’Reilly. That’s probably the worst.


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“To call a woman a whore is totally unacceptable.

“That would be – it’s hard to be worse than that.

“[Why?] well, I had a version of events in my head… I wasn’t trying to say she was a whore.

“Why did I do it? Because I was an idiot and I was in full attack mode. I would have said anything.

“I couldn’t be a different person off the bike, there was no getting in my way.”

LANCE is available on the ESPN Player from Monday May 25th. 

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