LeBron James explains why he walked off the court with time left in Game 3

LeBron James’ bubble is about to burst.

The frustration is starting to settle in for the Lakers superstar, and it was most apparent during Sunday night’s Game 3 vs. the Heat, when James walked off the court with about 10 seconds left to play in the game.

When asked about why he left the court — or attempted to leave the court — with time left on the clock, James was short with his reply:

Here’s the full, unedited transcript of the question and LeBron’s answer:

Question: LeBron, when you walked off the court with about 10 seconds left, was that frustration or did you think the game was over?

James: Uh, both.

James has been vocal about the stressors of being in the bubble in recent weeks — mainly, being away from family and the amount of work he has to do to keep his body in check. Couple that with the fact that the pressure is a little higher given his history with the Miami Heat and attempting to win his fourth championship on his third team, it might be taking a bigger toll on the vet than people realize.

(It also doesn’t help when Jimmy Butler is in your ear, talking noise.)

The Lakers hold a 2-1 series lead over the Heat and get back to work on Tuesday night.

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