Nascar chaos sees car go airborne and flip five times before landing upside down

Nascar fans had their hearts in the mouths on Sunday following an horrific crash during the latest cup series race in Charlotte.

RFK Racing driver Chris Buescher found himself the victim of a collision when his Ford Mustang car was knocked off the track. He seemed to be sliding safely though until his wheels caught something, with commentators suggesting his car "hooked a drain."

Regardless, the impact was enough to flip the vehicle in the air five times as fans watched on in horror. Furthermore, the car came to rest on its back, prompting fears the American had been seriously hurt.

Within moments, medical staff and emergency vehicles were at the scene, and mercifully, Buescher later walked away from the wreckage having escaped any major injuries. The race eventually restarted, with Denny Hamlin holding off Kyle Busch in a thrilling finish.

On social media though, it was reaction to Buescher's ordeal that dominated discussions. And fans were full of praise for officials with @JasonRedd76 saying: "First AMR Safety Team member was at his window 19 seconds after the car slid to a stop."

@AdiRose1978 argued that Buescher escaping serious injury was testament to the safety elements of motorsport: "How about thank the chassis builder, engineers, decades of R&D such as seat design, helmet design, improved crash structures, improved belts, lessons learnt from previous crashes, in car data on G force and how to distribute energy better and away from the driver," he said.

@snackgod noted: "It only flipped cause it hit a storm grate. This is a time where the turf cause it to flip. If that was grass it doesn't happen."

Is Buescher's crash the most dramatic you've seen in motorsport? Let us know in the comments section.

It's not the only time Nascar fans have had to endure a dramatic crash this year. In February, driver Myatt Snider was left grateful for his life after his vehicle careered into the air before catching on fire. The vehicle was also dissected into three different body parts as Snider landed back down on the track in a ball of flames.

Nascar has introduced increased safety measures in recent years though. Among them are fire retardant racing suits, safety belts and harnesses, window nets, roof plates, with drivers are required to wear seven-point safety harnesses.

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