Ronnie O’Sullivan scared if he took leaf out of Mark Selby’s book

Ronnie O'Sullivan explains why he made a 146 in 2016

Snooker star Ronnie O’Sullivan says that he has a different outlook on the bid to record the most World Snooker Championship victories. The seven-time world champion was knocked out of this year’s tournament by finalist Luca Brecel at the quarter-final stage and will have to wait until next year for another attempt at a record-eighth title.

After the first session of the final Brecel stormed into a 6-2 lead over Mark Selby – who is bidding for his fifth world title. O’Sullivan won his seventh world title last year equalling Stephen Hendry’s record.

The Rocket is regularly questioned about his attempts for a record-breaking eighth world title and says he often tries to change the narrative. O’Sullivan said that he would be ‘scared he’d never play snooker again’ if he shared the sole ambition to win more world titles.

He told Eurosport: “That’s me just trying to change the conversation sometimes, I just get so bored answering that question. Obviously, I have to answer it. (Stephen) Hendry was just determined to win as many tournaments as he could. I was just happy to win one and grateful for that.

“Other people have a different mindset. I’m not sure what Mark Selby’s mindset is. If he’s hellbent on getting eight or nine and that’s what drives him, then great. But that would scare me and make me not ever want to pick up a cue again if I set myself a target like that. But as I said, everyone’s different.”

O’Sullivan gave advice to Belgian Brecel ahead of his first world championship final appearance against Selby. He added: “Last time they played, I think Selby really gave him a good beating.

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“But I think Luca will have learned from that. He needs to try and stop that from happening again. Selby’s going to try and shut up shop, keep Luca under wraps. Luca’s got to try and not allow that to happen. It will happen, but he’s got to try and limit the amount of times that it happens and try to impose his own game.”

Luca was urged to impose his fast and flowing style of snooker which has gained him admirers during the tournament. The Belgian seems to have listened to the seven-time world champion after racing into an early lead in the final.

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