‘World’s sexiest woman’ Spiranac destroys Mickelson with manhood jibe

Paige Spiranac – known as the 'World's sexiest woman' – has made some savage remarks about Phil Mickelson.

The veteran golfer, now plying his trade on the controversial LIV circuit, took exception with Sam Ryder’s outfit at the Farmers Insurance Open in San Diego last week. “The Tour doesn’t allow shorts but does allow this week’s leader to wear joggers with ankle socks?” Mickelson tweeted on Saturday about the PGA Tour event.

“Showing 4 inches of ankle? I’m no fashion guy, never will be, but there are some things I won’t ever understand.” Spiranac saw the tweet but not via the six-time major winner’s account, as he has blocked the influencer.

That did not stop her from hitting back at the 52-year-old, as she questioned his manhood and even mentioned his wife Amy. “Phil Mickelson, which I didn’t see because I’m blocked, but people were posting about it,” Spiranac said in the latest installment of her “Playing a Round” podcast. “Phil Mickelson even had this tweet saying, ‘How can you show four inches of skin?’ Also, if Phil thinks that’s four inches, I feel sorry for his wife.”

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Spiranac, who has been blocked by Mickelson for at least a year, has wowed fans with saucy images online and shared her own views on Ryder's outfit. “He was showing maybe an inch of ankle, they weren’t super tight,” Spiranac said about Ryder’s attire.

“I thought he looked good but it just shows how incredibly frustrating golf Twitter can be that they were so bothered by Sam Ryder wearing joggers.” Spiranac went on to denounce the strict rules about golf fashion, adding, “If there is anything slightly different in golf, everyone freaks out.”

Mickelson has continued to be rather active on Twitter, and boldly claimed LIV defectors would dominate a PGA Tour team battle. Fans and NFL star-turned-amateur golfer Danny Woodhead agreed a possible team clash would be extremely competitive and draw incredible TV numbers.

However, Mickelson didn’t agree and responded: “It sounds great, but we would dominate them so soundly and it would be over so quick that TV would have to fill an hour of dead time. That's why it's not happening at this time."

Remarks from other Twitter users were met with swift responses from Mickelson as well. When one pointed out that the PGA dominates the top-100 golfers list, Phil responded, "That's a good one.

"That's probably because the head of golf's governing bodies run the OWGR and have colluded to exclude LIV players from getting points. I'm not a fake media believer but if I was, this would be the perfect example."


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