WWE fans cringe at Rob Gronkowksi’s first introduction with no crowd present

Rob Gronkowski re-entered into WWE on Friday night though many fans were left cringing at his performance in an empty arena.

Gronkowski is set to host WrestleMania next month though made his Smackdown debut on Friday night.

It comes after the New England Patriots legend interfered in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33 with Gronk being a friend of WWE star Mojo Rawley.

But while his previous performance was in front of thousands, his latest cameo had no one in attendance.

The global outbreak of coronavirus has meant recent WWE events have been performed behind closed doors, with WrestleMania 36 also set to have no crowd present.

Originally set for Tampa Bay, the event has been switched to the WWE's Performance Center in Florida.

Gronkowski will host that but first he turned up on Friday, with a "GronkMania" logo emblazoned across his t-shirt.

The former tight end jigged his way to the ring, in front of not a soul before taking to the microphone and cutting a promo concentrating on how long he has been a fan of the WWE.

Gronkowski's segment was interrupted by "King" Corbin, though many fans were left cringing.

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One wrote on social media: “A 6’7 mitch jagger”

While another put: “With today's technology, couldn't they CGI a crowd? This is like watching a sitcom without the laugh track or music.”

With a third commenting: “Can we stop pretending to like him now?”

And a fellow wrestling fan posted: “So WWE really have no real wrestling talent anymore. All it is are attractions to desperately get attention.“

And another hit out with: “The WWE really needs to throw the past few months in the trash and start over because this is pretty gotdamn bad.”

While one more added: “That @RobGronkowski entrance to @WWE’s Friday Night Smack Down was….well….interesting.”

Gronkowski had said: ”I’ve been to sold out WrestleManias in front of 80,000 people and now I'm here in front of zero people and I'm still hype baby!

"But this time, I will be hosting WrestleMania, because I'm ready for anything."

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