Are Michigan, Clemson and Oklahoma for real? Five playoff questions after three weeks

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The September saying is back: “They haven’t played anybody yet.”

(*Elbows Michigan fans.)

Seriously, just how good are they?

Michigan looks like a top-four team — against three opponents that have a combined record of 1-9 and aren’t in the Power 5.

Georgia looks like the best team in the country — again. Can it be even better?

The College Football Playoff selection committee doesn’t meet or release its first ranking until Nov. 1 — weeks after the midpoint of the season — and this is why. USC is like the new ride at the amusement park that looks fast and fun but hasn’t been tested. Is Oklahoma a rerun with new actors? Clemson is beating up on … “Techs.”

There are more questions than answers with one September Saturday still looming, but we won’t have to wait until the first ranking to learn more about the top playoff contenders.

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