Bieniemy not ‘impacted’ by claims he’ll ‘fail’ in Washington

Eric Bieniemy is not bothered about recent comments regarding his future at the Washington Commanders, after former Kansas City Chiefs star LeSean McCoy claimed he would “fail” at the franchise. Bieniemy left his role with the Chiefs to join the Commanders, and although many are excited about the switch, McCoy has been critical.

McCoy predicted that his former offensive coordinator would fail in his new role at the Commanders, in an outburst about his former coach.

Bieniemy left the Chiefs after they won Super Bowl LVII, and has moved to the Commanders as part of a long-term goal of becoming a head coach. Bieniemy has been hailed for his impact as offensive coordinator, but it appears that McCoy isn’t one of those backing him.

McCoy’s comments were brought up to Bieniemy in his first press conference since joining the Commanders, but the 53-year-old wasn’t impacted by the claims. Bieniemy praised McCoy’s talents, and said that “everyone is entitled to their own opinion.”

“He’s a future Hall of Fame runner. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” Bieniemy said. “That’s life, You got good, you got bad. It doesn’t impact me in any way. The one thing you learn in this position is you have to eliminate distractions.

“My job is to focus on the now. Everything outside these walls has no impact on Eric Bieniemy moving forward.” Bieniemy’s comments came after he was asked about McCoy, who said earlier this week: “I hope he doesn’t (fail), but I think he will.

“What’s his value? What makes him a good offensive coordinator? See the problem is, a lot of these people who go on social media, ‘Oh, he should be the guy for the job. They haven’t played there, they’re not in the locker room. They’ve not been in the rooms where he’s coaching.

“He has nothing to do with the passing game at all. The plays are designed, that’s Andy Reid. When you’re talking about offensive coordinators, I can tell you what makes Brian Daboll with the Giants a very good (head coach). I can tell you what Andy Reid or Doug Pederson, but when I ask about Eric Bieniemy, what makes him good?

“When we watch the film of practices and we correct the WRs, the RBs, the QBs, he doesn’t talk in there, Andy Reid talks in there. He may say things to the running backs because he’s an ex-running backs coach. I get that. But he has no real responsibility.

“Now you go from the Chiefs where you can hide behind Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. Now, you can go to Washington where you’ve got to call plays, you’ve got to run the meetings, you’ve got to run the installs.”

It was a strange outburst from someone that’s won a Super Bowl with Bieniemy as offensive coordinator, especially as the 53-year-old is known especially for his work with running-backs. Bieniemy won’t be too concerned though, and will be focusing on the job in hand.

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