Dallas Cowboys tipped to trade Dak Prescott for Aaron Rodgers

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The Dallas Cowboys are in a tricky situation when it comes to their plans at quarterback this offseason, and one NFL expert has tipped ‘America’s Team’ to make a trade for Aaron Rodgers.

The Cowboys were blasted out of the NFL Play-Offs at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers last season. Dad Prescott and his offense were simply second best and unable to compete with the 49ers defence in the disappointing defeat.

The loss raised a lot of questions about the future of the Cowboys. The team had been linked with a move to bring in head coach Sean Payton, and there have been suggestions they could make a change at the quarterback position.

Prescott is under contract until the end of the 2024 season, meaning the Cowboys have no urgent need to trade him away. But NFL expert Bill Simmons believes the team should look to offload him for Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers signed Rodgers to a four-year contract last year which will see the 39-year-old earn approximately $200million. However, he’s not been shy about the fact he’s considering his future, and could opt to retire instead of staying with the Packers.

The Las Vegas Raiders have been tipped to make a move for the four-time Most Valuable Player, considering they’ve already released Derek Carr and are in the market for a big-name quarterback.

And speaking on his podcast, Simmons suggested that a trade between the Cowboys and Packers might make sense. He asked his friend and Dallas Cowboys fan ‘Cousin Sal’: “Is Dak for Rodgers crazy? Would you trade for Aaron Rodgers? … You wouldn’t want three years of Rodgers?”

The Packers are expected to facilitate a trade this offseason and allow Rodgers to leave in order to focus on younger talent. However, they want him out of the NFC, so a move to the Cowboys may be blocked by decision-makers in Wisconsin.

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