How a Kansas City liquor store manager broke news of Patrick Mahomes’ record-setting contract

When Katie Camlin arrived at work Monday afternoon, her boss had news for her.

Some Chiefs employees, he told her, had come to their Plaza Liquor store in search of six bottles of Dom Perignon champagne. A big signing, it appeared, was on the way.

Camlin’s first thought: Quarterback Patrick Mahomes was about to cash in.

“Off the cuff, I tweeted it because I’m a Chiefs fan and I was beyond excited,” Camlin told USA TODAY Sports by phone Monday evening. “It’s kind of fun to have a scoop.”

But she didn’t leave her 1:21 p.m. ET tweet live for long. Camlin became anxious, wondering if she’d broken any company policy at Plaza Liquor, where she was hired as a beer manager in late May after she was furloughed from Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing Company.

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Would the Chiefs be upset? 

“I didn’t want to lose their business,” she said by phone, as Plaza Liquor colleagues fielded more media requests off store phones through the evening. “I was afraid they’d be mad.”

Less than two hours later, ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke news that Mahomes and the Chiefs had agreed to terms on a 10-year extension beyond the two seasons remaining on the contract of the 24-year-old who’s already won MVP honors and brought Kansas City a Super Bowl.

When she saw the ESPN report, Camlin tweeted, "Holy (expletive) I beat Schefter hahahah." 

Twitter users began tagging Camlin and requesting she be credited.

Plaza Liquor’s owner, who had participated in the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade, let Camlin and her colleagues know she loved it.

Camlin sighed with relief.

The Chiefs soon released a socially distant picture of their quarterback and Kansas City general manager Brett Veach. Mahomes’ agency, Steinberg Sports, announced that the contract is worth $477 million in guarantee mechanisms with a maximum value of $503 million.

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