Is this the worst Broncos offense in franchise history?

In the 25 seasons since the Broncos won their first Super Bowl title — a feat honored at halftime Sunday — there has never been a Denver offense as bad as this. Well, at least through seven weeks.

Following their 16-9 loss to the New York Jets, Denver now has 100 total points after seven games played — the lowest in the last 25 years of Broncos football. Take it back through the Broncos’ entire NFL history and just one team (1992) matched this year’s point total, while only the 1966 edition in the AFL scored fewer points, 91. Making matters worse this year? The defense is tied for the fifth-lowest total points allowed over the past 25 seasons. A breakdown:

YearPoints scoredPoints allowedStartFinal record
2006110785-29-7, missed playoffs
20191121362-57-9, missed playoffs
20071191833-47-9, missed playoffs
19991241452-56-10, missed playoffs
20171271473-45-11, missed playoffs
20111332002-58-8, lost in div. round
20101381992-54-12, missed playoffs
2009140966-18-8, missed playoffs
20041401005-210-6, lost wild-card round
20211401273-47-10, missed playoffs
20201471833-45-11, missed playoffs
20051521315-213-3, lost AFC championship
20011641444-38-8, missed playoffs
20181651643-46-10, missed playoffs
20161671175-29-7, missed playoffs
20151681127-012-4, Super Bowl champs
20081731954-38-8, missed playoffs
20031781155-210-6, lost wild card round
20021831545-29-7, missed playoffs
20122041524-313-3, lost in div. round
20002171474-311-5, lost wild-card round
20142241426-112-4, lost in div. round
19982401337-014-2, Super Bowl champs
20132981976-113-3, lost Super Bowl

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