Jameis Winston needs to explain how he doesn’t fall in this remarkable footwork routine

Jameis Winston hasn’t found playing time easy to come by for the Saints in 2020, but he looks to have found something that neither Drew Brees nor Taysom Hill can do.

Watch the video below of Winston’s pregame routine ahead of a Week 10 matchup with the 49ers. In his first year as a backup for New Orleans, Winston has played in one game, completing one pass and taking three knees. But he’s apparently added near-impossible footwork to his arsenal.

Winston earned attention in May for a video of him doing a workout with a baseball bat. And now he’s doing a foot drill in which every individual step looks one step away from falling without ever actually falling. Maybe we’ve been selling Winston short all this time?

This Winston warmup routine looks like an offshoot of Dak Prescott’s viral hip-rotation warmup. For Prescott, hips don’t lie, and for Winston, feet don’t lie.

After the Saints beat the Buccaneers in blowout fashion in Week 9, Winston was a key part of the victory celebrations that now have New Orleans reportedly looking at fines. Winston did his famous “Eat a W” celebration after his new club beat his former one.

Winston joined the Saints in the offseason after becoming the first quarterback to top 30 passing touchdowns in the same season that he threw 30 interceptions. That was his infamous accomplishment in the 2019 season for the Buccaneers before being replaced by Tom Brady. 

Now, Winston spends games on the sideline while watching Brees duel with Brady in the NFL passing record books. Despite Winston’s nature as a meme, he’s likely one of the best backup QBs in the NFL and would surely take over passing duties (ahead of Hill) if Brees were injured.

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