LSU’s NIL hype video showcases Joe Burrow, Shaq and … Times Square?

Dough, Tigers. (Or is it Deaux Tigers?)

With NIL (name, image and likeness) rules going into effect on July 1, the arms race in college sports has officially been ramped up. What better school than LSU to make a big production of the news?

Several colleges are going all out to prove their campuses are better suited than others to promote their student-athletes, putting them in better position to rake in the big bucks while still working on their degrees: Enter LSU.

In a hype video released by the school narrated by Seahawks safety and LSU alum Jamal Adams, the school thumps its chest over its former all-world athletes, trying to make a point that their school best for athletes looking to make some money.

Of course, LSU has been home to some of the bigger personalities in college — and later professional — sports: Adams, Shaq, Joe Burrow, Tyrann Mathieu, Justin Jefferson and “Pistol” Pete Maravich are some of the famed, successful athletes who have come through Baton Rouge in their lives.

(Oh, and Ben Simmons is in the video, too.)

LSU certainly has a case as one of the top college destinations for athletes to cash in on NIL rights across the nation. There’s no shortage of titles and recognition that comes for the LSU school, and they know it: That’s why there’s a short frame of Times Square in Manhattan featured in the video. 

Whether or not an LSU athlete will actually make it onto a billboard in Times Square next to the Hard Rock Cafe and Forever 21 remains to be seen, but the video certainly won’t hurt their chances.

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