Mahomes will START for Chiefs against the Bengals in AFC title game

Patrick Mahomes will START for the Chiefs against the Bengals in AFC title game after ankle sprain, head coach Andy Reid confirms: ‘He’s moving around and can go out and play’

  • Patrick Mahomes was a participant in practice all week signaling he would play 
  • While playing through the injury against Jacksonville his mobility was limited
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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid announced superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes will play in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Mahomes suffered a high-ankle sprain during the Chiefs’ 27-20 playoff victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars last weekend.

‘He’s moving around [well],’ Reid said. ‘He can go out and play.’

Kansas City Chiefs head coach announced that quarterback Patrick Mahomes will play Sunday

Following the injury Mahomes sat out the remainder of the second quarter until he could be fully examined during halftime, before returning to the game in the second half of play.

His mobility was clearly limited and he was forced to change his play style due to the inability to run around or properly distribute weight in his feet.

Mahomes led the NFL in throws from outside the pocket during the regular season but made none against the Jaguars after the injury. 

Mahomes gingerly limps back to the huddle against the Jaguars after hurting his ankle

Reid assured reporters that the team’s game plan will still be expansive enough to allow them to call a normal assortment of plays without putting Mahomes at extra risk.

‘We have enough in the game plan where you can kind of pick and choose where you want to go with it,’ Reid said. 

‘You have a variety of things that you can go to. Obviously you don’t use all the plays in the game plan, but they’re available and so if you have to go a certain direction, you can go that direction with the calls.’

Mahomes on the other hand was not ready to fully concede that he won’t be able to scramble the same way he does on the majority of his signature highlight plays.

‘I feel like I can still do a lot of things but we’ll see as we get closer and closer. We’ll see during the game,’ Mahomes said.

‘You can’t fully do [in practice] exactly what it’s going to be like in those moments in the game. All I can do is prepare myself the best way possible and then when we get in the game you hope adrenaline takes over and you can make those throws when you need to.’

Mahomes was unable to scramble to avoid the defenders in his normal fashion after the injury

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