Marshawn Lynch’s ManningCast interview had a little Hennessy, Skittles, and one big F-bomb

ESPN’s ManningCast returned in a big way for the “Monday Night Football” game between the Saints and Seahawks. In fact, it immediately went into Beast Mode — which resulted in a new episode of damage control.

Peyton and Eli Manning spent the back half of the first quarter trading stories (and, it appears, shots) with Seahawks legend Marshawn Lynch. From the jump, the interview promised to be a wild ride, with Lynch confirming to Eli that he had continued an interesting pregame ritual: a little bit of Hennessy.

To prepare for this sitdown, the inactive Lynch said, he changed the regimen from a shot and a half to three: one for himself, one for Peyton (“big bro”) and one for Eli (“little bro”).

Eli then volunteered to down some of it himself. (If he followed through, he did so off-camera).

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And while Lynch never needs liquid courage to say whatever pops into his head, some of that Hennessy had to be talking as he casually dropped multiple profanities during his live banter with the Manning bros. Case in point: this blurted F-bomb.


There were multiple s-words, too, including in a reaction to a video of him eating his trademark snack, Skittles, on the sideline:


With the Mannings (and ESPN) fully aware of what happened the last time the brothers broadcast a “MNF” game — Eli’s, um, double birds — Peyton had to make an on-air apology after Lynch’s segment. And then Eli had one last shot at the censors and scolds.

“Keep the hands down.”

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