writer, podcaster Chris Wesseling dies at age 46

Longtime writer and member of the Around The NFL Podcast Chris Wesseling passed away Friday at the age of 46 following a battle with cancer.

Wesseling is survived by his wife, Lakisha, and their son Lincoln. Lakisha, who is a Digital Content Editor at, announced his passing Saturday on social media:

“2/5/2021: Linc gained the best guardian angel. Chris passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon. I was by his side, holding his hand. Knowing that he’s no longer suffering brings me some comfort, but my heart hurts so much. I took him to the hospital on the 19th thinking he’d be admitted for a few days like before… not knowing that would be the last time he’d be home. His cancer had spread to his lungs and other areas. I just don’t understand. I’m stuck in a place between denial and anger. Why take such a kind, loving soul? Why? Chris made an everlasting impression on anyone he met, even in his final days. One nurse gave me a letter to give to Linc the day after I took him in to see Chris. I read it last night and it’s one of the most beautiful letters written by a random person that wanted Linc to know what kind of man his father was coming from a complete stranger. I know Chris is in heaven looking down on us. I’m going to do my best to raise Linc how I know he would want. I see Chris every time I look at Linc’s face. I am so grateful I get to keep a part of him with me.”

Chris Wesseling joined NFL Media in 2013 after previously working as a writer for and as a senior NFL editor at

Wesseling quickly established himself as one of the most unique voices at NFL Media, blending his football analysis with his vast knowledge of literature and history. Wesseling also was a fan favorite on the Around The NFL Podcast, where he offered his signature style of football knowledge and humor when discussing league news and breaking down games with colleagues Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal and Marc Sessler.

The news of Wesseling’s death prompted an outpouring of remembrances on social media Saturday.

Wess is one of the most special people I've ever met. A true friend in all the ways that matter. I'll miss him for the rest of my life.

My heart is broken.

We have lost our amazing friend Chris Wesseling.

An ally like no other. The most unique of men. The finest drinking pal + thinker. Honest. Fair. Kind. Real. A dreamer.

We will love + protect his beautiful wife @LakishaJackson + little Linc until the end. ♥️


In absolute pieces. Kisha and Linc, we love you so much. Wess was like a brother to me. I can’t believe this is real. I can’t believe he’s gone. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t understand any of it.

I’ve tried to type a tweet a thousand times. There are no words. We are in pieces. I love you.

Words can’t express what this man has meant to so many of us. So many.

Heart is in pieces. We lost the best of the best.

Love you, @LakishaJackson

Still struggling to find the words. Chris represented to me the limitless potential of people to be kind, thoughtful and self-aware.

My heart hurts.
I am so sorry, Lakisha.
Chris was a wonderful man.

Each time I saw him he was kind and cool. This feels so insufficient here. But as many people as possible should know this about him. I’m so sorry.

I’m heartbroken for those closest to @ChrisWesseling. @MarcSessler sent this photo this morning & it feels like it was yesterday. @LakishaJackson & their beautiful son Linc are going read & hear many tributes about what a special man their husband/father was…because he was.

Lakisha- I’m so very sorry! Chris was a wonderful friend. So kind. So caring. Thinking and praying for you. DJ

There aren’t words that exist to explain how magical of a soul @ChrisWesseling was. Or to truly illustrate how desperately in love w/ @LakishaJackson and Linc he was. That smile, that wit, that commitment to experience every joy the world has – that was Chris. Love to his loves💔

Wess was family. Absolutely crushed. Devastated for Kisha and Linc. Can’t tell you how much he’ll be missed. Rest In Peace, Chris. We love you

Wess made covering and writing about football feel like a more meaningful experience than it ever deserved being. His knowledge of and love for all things sports were surpassed only by his generosity, spirit and wit. I'll miss him dearly. My love to Kish and Linc.

The hero you all knew and loved was just a sliver of who Wess was. We could fill a thousand tweets tonight alone. He taught me the meaning of inimitable…and he’s irreplaceable. Rest easy, Wess. Love you, @LakishaJackson.

Absolutely heartbreaking. Wess was one of the best people I’ve known. Sending love to his family…

In an industry where we often think the loudest among us win, @ChrisWesseling delivered the goods without raising his voice. And he was as gentle off the air as he was on it. My heart breaks for Kisha and Linc. We’ll keep Wess’ memory alive for you, little man. Promise.

Just simply the absolute worst news. Truly an amazing person, leaving behind just as equally an amazing of a family. This hurts.

Devastating. Love you and Linc so much @LakishaJackson We’re here for you. 💔🙏🏽

Saddest news our @nflnetwork family can possibly fathom. We love you @LakishaJackson and we will love Wess forever. Prayers to you and Linc and all of your loved ones. Just crushing.

So completely heartbroken, Lakisha.

Chris will always be what’s best about the world.

Sending nothing but love your way. And may Chris’ memory be for a blessing.

Chris was one of the kindest, most amazing people I've ever had the chance to meet. I'm heartbroken. He is already missed.

I have no words. Flooded with tears. @LakishaJackson I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Linc’s loss. Your entire family’s loss. Chris was and will always remain a special soul. Sending all of my love to you.💔

I wish all of you could have known him. What a kind soul. 💔

Heart broken for you and your family! Chris impacted everyone he crossed paths with. I know he will do the same in heaven rest easy.

I saw “RIP Chris” was trending in USA… heartbreaking to learn this is why. Lakisha & Linc – your NFL Media friends/colleagues/family grieve with you. 💔

Chris would have had the right words.
They would have been deep and thoughtful, & not at all trite.
He was so kind. And smart. And curious. And deeply interesting. And so committed to his fellow Heroes. And SO in love with @LakishaJackson.
And it’s so wrong he’s not here anymore.

Sending an massive amount of love & prayers your way! 🙏💚

RIP to @ChrisWesseling , one of the greatest sportswriters, oldest souls, and most genuine & passionate people I’ve known. 🙏 for his amazing wife @LakishaJackson & their little boy Linc. I have no doubt Chris was a great dad for the way too small window he got to be one.

We have lost a great one. A truly great man. They know how much we love them but I’m still sending all my love and hugs to @LakishaJackson @DanHanzus @greggrosenthal @MarcSessler @EricaTamposi We will honour Wess on @SkySportsNFL on Super Bowl Sunday 💔

This is so sad. Chris was tough, funny, smart, and thoughtful. One of those people I knew a little bit and wish I knew more. RIP Chris

Chris Wesseling was the man. Just a great hang, a genuinely good person, a terrific family man and a briliant football mind. This is tough.

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