NFL overhaul tiers: Which teams will look most different in 2021?

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Salute to the Cleveland Browns for breaking an 18-year streak atop the overhaul tiers list.

If the Browns can win 11 games on the way to the playoffs, there’s hope for the six franchises hiring a new head coach and the teams without a clear-cut answer at quarterback and the teams with a flat-out bad defense.

Now that the regular season is over for most, this is the time of year for buzzwords such as culture, cohesion, chemistry and synergy. The teams that don’t have to use these terms are still playing. The teams that do simply need better coaches or players.

But nonetheless, the overhaul tiers are ready — well-stocked with offseason priorities for each to get better over the next six months.

Slowly rebuild what has been torn down

Jacksonville Jaguars

2020 record: 1-15
Average age of starters in 2020: 26
Projected 2021 cap space: $$76,227,279
Big-ticket free agent: Cam Robinson
Low-key important free agent: Sidney Jones

Priorities this offseason: Go all-in now. Use the more than $75 million in cap space and those 10 draft picks (including two first-rounders) to approach fringe contention sooner than later. After 44 regular-season wins over the past decade, try anything.

“They have a chance to get good in a hurry,” one NFL personnel man said. “Might not be 2021, but in the next two years, for sure.”

This team has bigger problems than quarterback, which will be solved by selecting Trevor Lawrence No. 1 overall. It needs upgrades all over. The offensive line is a strength, so re-signing Robinson to shore up the left tackle spot makes sense. Linebacker and running back are solid. But most spots simply aren’t good enough. Replenish everything, and get the right coach to foster the talent.

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