NFL Week 10 Power Rankings: Red-hot Chargers, Panthers are legit Super Bowl contenders

The Carolina Panthers and Los Angeles Chargers haven’t received a lot of attention the first two months of the NFL season, but they should now.

They are legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

The Panthers have won three straight games to get to 6-2, one game behind the New Orleans Saints in the NFC South. The Chargers have won five straight games to get to 6-2 as well, one game behind the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC West.

The Chiefs and Saints have rightfully been getting a lot of notoriety so far this season, but the teams directly behind them in the standings should be as well. The Chargers are now fifth in my Power Rankings, while the Panthers are up to the seventh spot.

Each team has a quarterback playing at a high level in Philip Rivers for the Chargers and Cam Newton for the Panthers, and each has been their respective team’s MVP and also potential league MVPs. That’s how good they are playing.

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The Panthers play a marquee game Thursday night against the Steelers, while the Chargers have a soft spot in their schedule coming up, starting with a road game against the Raiders.

As the young players on each team improve by the week, these two could be making noise come playoff time, even in divisions that have teams who are getting all the attention.

They might not be the Saints and Chiefs just yet, but you can bet those teams can feel them right behind them.

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