Opinion: Uncalled double-dribble robbed Auburn of a trip to the national championship game

Auburn fans remained loud and booing long after the Tigers lost their Final Four game Saturday against Virginia.

There were two controversial issues late in the game: One was a missed call and the other was a questionable foul, but both were in Virginia's favor. The Cavaliers advanced to the national championship game after winning 63-62.

Now, the fans in Minneapolis might not have been fully aware of the missed double-dribble call, but those watching on TV saw the missed turnover.

With about four seconds left and Auburn leading 62-60, Virginia guard Ty Jerome got the inbound and rushed up the court.

“As Ty Jerome brings the ball up the court, he accidentally bumps the ball off his back foot … he then re-possesses this ball with both hands. That ends his dribble.”@GeneSteratore explains a missed double-dribble violation on Ty Jerome near the end of the game. pic.twitter.com/763pV0sXyA

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He accidentally bounced the ball off his back foot and momentarily lost control, picked up the dribble but kept going. And because no one on Auburn's side touched the ball, it should have been an easy double-dribble call, but the refs missed it.

It would have been a Virginia turnover, and there's a good chance Auburn would have been able to hang on.

So needless to say, Auburn fans were stunned and unhappy.

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