Raiders Refuse To Let Season End Without One Last Humiliation

It looks like football, it feels like football, but whatever is transpiring between the Kansas City Chiefs and Jon Gruden’s Raiders is not entirely football. Below, you’ll find a play from late in the first quarter, in which Derek Carr, approaching midfield from Raiders territory, throws a pass right in the general direction of tight end Jared Cook’s back. The result was an automatic pick-six for safety Daniel Sorensen, who zipped into the end zone from about the 50-yard-line after the interception, giving the Chiefs a 14-0 lead.

It’s one of those signature Raider moments where everyone is to blame. Cook should have been looking in the direction of Carr instead of his defender and running something resembling a route, and Carr should have recognized that Cook was not remotely ready for a ball to be thrown his way.

Maybe a new GM can fix all of this.

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