Ranking every NFL quarterback drafted with the first overall pick in the Super Bowl era

Joe Burrow will join an elite fraternity if he is selected with the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Eventually, he also will be expected to lead the Bengals to the Super Bowl. That was the expectation for the 24 previous quarterbacks who were taken No. 1 in the NFL Draft in the Super Bowl era.

Seven lived up to that expectation, and two more started in a Super Bowl later in their careers. A total of six won Super Bowls.

So that’s the company Burrow will keep among the active No. 1 QBs in the league today.

Here are those 24 quarterbacks, ranked from 24-1.

Team: Raiders (2007)

Stats: 4,083 yards, 18 TDs, 23 INTs

Next QB taken: Brady Quinn (No. 22)

Lowdown: Lane Kiffin wanted Calvin Johnson. The Raiders went with Russell, theLSU star who made it through half of a bloated six-year, $68 million deal. He is nowconsidered one of the biggest busts in NFL history, and that secures his spot at the back of this list.

Team: Browns (1999)

Stats: 11,131 yards, 64 TDs, 67 INTs

Next QB taken: Donovan McNabb (No. 2)

Lowdown: Couch took over for the expansion Browns, and he took 56 sacks in his first season. Couch fought through growing pains for five years, but he lost the starting job to Kelly Holcomb and never returned after the 2003 season.

Team: Texans (2002)

Stats: 14,452 yards, 65 TDs, 71 INTs

Next QB taken: Joey Harrington (No. 3)

Lowdown: Carr took over as quarterback for the expansion Houston franchise, and he took an NFL-record 76 sacks as a rookie. He never had a winning record in five seasons, but he did stay in the league as a backup until 2012.

Team: Cardinals (2019)

Stats: 3,722 yards, 20 TDs, 12 INTs

Next QB taken: Daniel Jones (No. 6)

Lowdown: Murray is the first of three Heisman Trophy winners from Oklahoma on this list. Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury hitched his coaching future to the 5-10 quarterback. Murray rushed for 544 yards and four TDs and played well in spots as a rookie, and he will have the opportunity to move up this list.

Team: Buccaneers (2015)

Stats: 19,737 yards, 121 TDs, 88 INTs

Next QB taken: Marcus Mariota (No. 2)

Lowdown: Winston led the NFL in passing yards with 391.3 per game in 2019, but he also threw a league-worst 30 interceptions. He struggled with turnovers throughout his career with Tampa Bay, and he has yet to live up to the expectations he set as a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback from Florida State. The Bucs signed Tom Brady this offseason, so Winston will be looking for another team in 2020.

Team: Rams (2010)

Stats: 19,449 yards, 103 TDs, 61 INTs

Next QB taken: Tim Tebow (No. 25)

Lowdown: Bradford won Rookie of the Year honors in 2010, but injuries derailed the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback’s career. Bradford has suffered a torn ACL in his left knee twice. He is generally considered one of the most overpaid quarterbacks of all time.

Team: Browns (No. 1)

Stats: 7,552 yards, 49 TDs, 35 INTs

Next QB taken: Sam Darnold (No. 3)

Lowdown: The third Oklahoma Heisman Trophy winner on this list, Mayfield set a rookie record with 27 TDs in 2018, but he endured a sophomore slump last season that saw his completion percentage drop despite the addition of Odell Beckham Jr. Mayfield is 12-17 as a starter, but he should see improvements under new coach Kevin Stefanski.

Team: Falcons (1975)

Stats: 24,124 yards, 156 TDs, 144 INTs

Next QB taken: Gary Sheide (No. 64)

Lowdown: Bartkowski was a fixture in Atlanta through the mid-1980s, and he led the NFL with 31 TD passes in 1980. He became a much more accurate passer as his career progressed. He went 1-3 in four playoff appearances with Atlanta.

Team: Colts (1990)

Stats: 27,602 yards, 154 TDs, 113 INTs

Next QB taken: Andre Ware (No. 7)

Lowdown: George was a legendary arm talent, and that allowed him to hang around in a league where he had a 46-78 record as starter. George led the NFL in passing yards in 1997 with the Raiders, and he had a fantastic 10-game stretch with the Vikings in 1998. George had a 1-2 record in three career playoff games.

Team: Bengals (2003)

Stats: 46,247 yards, 294 TDs, 187 INTs

Next QB taken: Byron Leftwich (No. 7)

Lowdown: Palmer led the NFL in TD passes in 2005 with 32, but a devastating knee injury in the AFC wild-card game that season side-tracked what turned out to be an up-and-down 15-year career. Palmer was traded to the Raiders after threatening to retire in 2011. He later revived his career with the Cardinals and led a run to the NFC championship game in 2015.

Team: 49ers (2005)

Stats: 34,068 yards, 193 TDs, 101 INTs

Next QB taken: Aaron Rodgers (No. 24)

Lowdown: Smith’s career will forever be linked with Rodgers, who was taken 23 picks later. Smith’s career took off with coach Jim Harbaugh, and he led the 49ers to the NFC championship game in 2011. Smith then led the Chiefs to four playoff appearances. He suffered a gruesome leg injury in Washington in 2018 and has not played since.

Team: Rams (2016)

Stats: 14,219 yards, 87 TDs, 42 INTs

Next QB taken: Carson Wentz (No. 2)

Lowdown: Goff continues to work with coach Sean McVay in Los Angeles, a pairing that led to an appearance in Super Bowl 53. Goff has put up big numbers, and he led the league with 626 pass attempts in 2019. He is 33-21 as a starter, and there is a chance to bounce back in 2020.

Team: Buccaneers (1987)

Stats: 46,233 yards, 275 TDs, 267 INTs

Next QB taken: Kelly Stouffer (No. 6)

Lowdown: Testaverde enjoyed a 21-year career that that progressed with age after a rough start in Tampa Bay. He was a Pro Bowl selection with the Ravens in 1996 and again with the Jets in 1998. He spent the last few years of his career as a backup, but he did make six starts with the Panthers at age 44 in 2007.

Team: Colts (2012)

Stats: 23,671 yards, 171 TDs, 83 INTs

Next QB taken: Robert Griffin III (No. 2)

Lowdown: Luck enjoyed a solid career with Indianapolis, albeit one that was hampered by injuries. He led the Colts to the AFC championship game in 2014 in a season when he passed for 40 TDs. Luck was a four-time Pro Bowl selection who led Indianapolis back to the playoffs in 2018 before unexpectedly retiring before the 2019 season.

Team: Patriots (1993)

Stats: 44,611 yards, 251 TDs, 206 INTs

Next QB taken: Rick Mirer (No. 2)

Lowdown: Bledsoe helped the Patriots on the road to respectability before Tom Brady took over. Bledsoe led an AFC championship run in 1996 and was a four-time Pro Bowl selection. He resurrected his career with the Bills and Cowboys and finished with a 4-3 record in the postseason.

Team: Lions (2009)

Stats: 41,025 yards, 256 TDs, 134 INTs

Next QB taken: Mark Sanchez (No. 5)

Lowdown: Stafford was tasked with turning around a franchise that finished 0-16 in 2008, and he has done that over the last 11 seasons. Stafford has led the NFL in passing attempts twice, and he has taken the Lions to the playoffs three times. He has had an under-appreciated career given the circumstances in Detroit.

Team: Falcons (2001)

Stats: 22,464 yards, 133 TDs, 88 INTs

Next QB taken: Drew Brees (No. 32)

Lowdown: Vick was one of the most exciting players in NFL history. He is the all-time leader among quarterbacks with 6,109 rushing yards. He led the Falcons to the NFC championship game. Vick missed two seasons while serving a 21-month federal prison sentence, but he relaunched his career in Philadelphia with the same highlight-reel play. Vick retired in 2016.

Team: Patriots (1971)

Stats: 25,882 yards, 164 TDs, 198 INTs

Next QB taken: Archie Manning (No. 2)

Lowdown: Plunkett was a Heisman Trophy winner at Stanford, but he struggled through five seasons with New England before a two-year stint in San Francisco. Plunkett, however, revived his career in his mid-30s as a two-time Super Bowl winner with the Raiders. He is the only eligible QB with multiple Super Bowl wins who isn’t in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Team: Chargers (2004)

Stats: 57,023 yards, 366 TDs, 244 INTs

Next QB taken: Philip Rivers

Lowdown: Yes, the Chargers drafted Manning before one of the biggest draft-day trades in NFL history. Manning has the most passing yards and TDs of any quarterback on this list, and he took out the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl. He retired this offseason, and his career came with a .500 record as a starter. Is it enough to get Manning in Canton? Let the debate begin.

Team: Panthers (2011)

Stats: 29,041 yards, 182 TDs, 108 INTs

Next QB taken: Jake Locker (No. 8)

Lowdown: Newton won the Heisman Trophy at Auburn in 2010, and he won the NFL Rookie of the Year award the following season. He is on pace to be the all-time leader among quarterbacks in rushing yards, and he put together an MVP season in leading the Panthers to Super Bowl 50 in 2015. He has an impressive resume, but injuries have plagued him over the last few seasons. He will start his 10th season with a different team.

Team: Cowboys (1989)

Stats: 32,942 yards, 165 TDs, 141 INTs

Next QB taken: Mike Elkins (No. 32)

Lowdown: Aikman was one of the building blocks of the 1990s dynasty in Dallas, and he did that with steady play around a loaded roster. Aikman was a three-time Super Bowl champion who won Super Bowl 27 MVP honors. He was also a six-time Pro Bowl selection. He is one of four QBs on this list in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Team: Steelers (1970)

Stats: 27,989 yards, 212 TDs, 210 INTs

Next QB taken: Dennis Shaw (No. 30)

Lowdown: The Steelers drafted the “Blonde Bomber” out of Lousiana Tech, and he became a franchise cornerstone on four Super Bowl-winning teams through the 1970s. Bradshaw led the league in TD passes twice, but it’s his 14-5 record in the postseason that stands out most.

Team: Colts (1983)

Stats: 51,475 yards, 300 TDs, 226 INTs

Next QB taken: Todd Blackledge (No. 7)

Lowdown: Elway refused to play for the Colts, and he was traded to the Broncos. In Denver, he enjoyed a 16-year career that included nine Pro Bowl selections. Elway won NFL MVP in 1987 and led the Broncos to five Super Bowl appearances and back-to-back championships in 1997 and 1998. He would later sign the only quarterback ranked ahead of him on this list.

Team: Colts (1998)

Stats: 71,940 yards, 539 TDs, 251 INTs

Next QB taken: Ryan Leaf (No. 2)

Lowdown: The Colts have taken four different QBs at No. 1, but none changed the game more than Manning, a five-time MVP and two-time Super Bowl champion. Manning set the single-season passing TD record on two occasions, and his final act with the Broncos ended with a Super Bowl. He is on the short list of greatest QBs ever to play.

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