Terry Bradshaw is SLAMMED 'for fat-shaming' Chiefs coach Andy Reid

Fox Sports analyst Terry Bradshaw is SLAMMED ‘for fat-shaming’ Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl-winning coach Andy Reid after telling him to ‘waddle over here’ and ‘have a cheeseburger on us’ as fans call for him to be FIRED

  • Andy Reid claimed he would celebrate Super Bowl 54 win with a cheeseburger
  • Terry Bradshaw’s controversial comments have sparked outrage on Twitter
  • Patrick Mahomes lifts the lid on the details of the Chiefs’ victory celebrations 

Twitter users have blasted NFL legend Terry Bradshaw for poking fun at Andy Reid for his weight, with the Fox analyst facing calls to resign for his comments. 

The 64-year-old had just steered his side to a stunning 38-35 triumph over the Philadelphia Eagles, but may perhaps have been taken aback by the reception he received from an all-time great of the sport. 

Four-time Super Bowl winner Bradshaw was criticised for comments made in his post-match interview with the victorious Kansas City Chiefs coach, in which he called for Reid to ‘waddle over here’. 

As a result, viewers were left in shock at the legend’s turn of phrase, with most fans of the opinion that Bradshaw was out of line. 

‘Big guy. Let me get the big guy in here,’ Bradshaw began after spotting Reid in the wake of steering his side his second Super Bowl win as coach. ‘Come on, waddle over here.’

Terry Bradshaw (L) has caused controversy with his comments in an interview with Andy Reid (C)

Bradshaw then told Reid to, ‘have a cheeseburger on us,’ and suggested that Reid was ‘getting on in years’.

Reid has himself made light of his weight in the past, referring to himself as ‘a chubby guy’, and when asked how he would celebrate his maiden title at Super Bowl 54, he said: ‘The biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen… might be a double!’

But Bradshaw’s comments have sparked outrage on social media, and viewers have leapt to the defence of Reid in the ensuing days following the Chiefs’ victory.  

One user wrote: ‘Nothing like fat shaming the coach that won the #SuperBowl! Classless & tasteless.’

Another added: ‘Bradshaw should be fired for fat-shaming Andy Reid! He should have retired years ago. Bradshaw that is, not Reid.’ 

A third slammed Bradshaw by saying: ‘Just poor character all around by Terry. He laughs at his little jab but it’s not remotely funny.’

A fourth also pointed the finger at Fox, writing: ‘Note to Fox and Terry Bradshaw, you bumbling, fat-shaming, stumbling oaf. #FireTerryBradshaw. Even your coworkers don’t want to be around your empty-headed act any longer.’

A fifth seconded the stated: ‘The amount of fat-shaming and ageism on behalf of Terry Bradshaw is disgusting.’

A number of Super Bowl fans were quick to slam the Fox analyst’s comments about Reid’s weight

Bradshaw is a four-time Super Bowl winner with the Pittsburg Steelers before becoming an award-winning Fox analyst

And a sixth joked: ‘I was waiting on Andy to (physically) kick him off the platform. Called him fat 3 different ways and then called him old.’  

Reid has won two Super Bowl titles in three years

However, not all viewers shared the same opinions, with many suggesting that Bradshaw and Reid were both on the same side of the joke. 

Many also pointed to Reid’s previous comments about his weight, suggesting that he clearly did not have any issue making light of the subject, as well as implying Bradshaw was being ironic given his similar age. 

One viewer claimed: ‘Give me a break. Andy was in no way insulted. Grow up people. Lighten up and smile. Terry Bradshaw is no lightweight either.’ 

A second claimed that although Bradhsaw was culpable of the odd error, he was in now way in trouble this time round, writing: ‘Andy jokes all the time about being a fat guy, Terry makes a lot of mistakes, this isn’t one of them.’

A third pointed to Reid’s past comments and insisted there was no anger on Reid’s part: ‘You all know Reid likes cheeseburgers right. He was asked what he would do after the last SB victory and said eat a cheeseburger. So it’s a running joke. You can clearly see Andy isn’t even mad. They’re both big and older…. 

And a fourth was of a similar opinion, writing: ‘Why’d Reid laugh? Why’d Reid make a joke about getting a cheeseburger after the last Super Bowl win? Why’d Reid say he was most looking forward getting a Bratwurst in Germany when the Chiefs play there next year? It’s almost like… it’s Reid’s joke and everyone us playing along.’

Several viewers were quick to defend Bradshaw’s comments and pointed to Reid’s previous jokes about his own weight

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