Which teams could take advantage of college footballs early-season chaos?

    Bill Connelly is a staff writer for ESPN.com.

The first two weeks have brought us a tidal wave of big games, crazy finishes, surprises and the type of absolute nonsense that only college football can provide.

They have also created a bit of a shake-up. The teams ranked third (Clemson), fourth (Ohio State), seventh (Iowa State) and 10th (North Carolina) in the preseason AP poll all have already lost games, while preseason No. 2 Oklahoma, No. 6 Texas A&M and No. 9 Notre Dame have had to eke out four down-to-the-wire wins among them, all against unranked foes. Of the teams that started out between 12th and 21st, only three remain unbeaten. And we’re only two weeks in!

Granted, Alabama looks as dominant as ever so far, and the Georgia defense looks downright ruthless. They are an easy 1-2 in the country. But while we may know who is filling the roles of president and vice president, so to speak, lots of cabinet positions are up for grabs.

Oklahoma, Ohio State and Clemson could be perfectly fine moving forward, but they look more vulnerable than normal thus far — the Buckeyes’ defense and Tigers’ passing game in particular — so let’s talk about who appears best positioned to take advantage if said void continues. Of the teams that started the season outside of the top five, which have shown the most potential? Two weeks in, what teams have looked the part twice?

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