Why is CBS down? Outage during Chiefs vs. Browns playoff matchup panics viewers

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Fans tuning into the matinee divisional playoff matchup between the Browns and Chiefs on CBS were greeted with a blank screen in some areas of the country, forcing them to miss some first-quarter action.

Some were tuned in to CBS for its pregame programming and noticed that the show and game itself was blacked out, leading to some believing there was foul play afoot:

With the network blacked out, some viewers finally got the channel back at around 3:15 p.m., a few minutes into the game. Most fans were able to catch the first score of the game, but it’s safe to assume that NFL and network executives won’t be happy about the outage.

Viewers chimed in with their experiences during the dark time on Sunday:

Why is CBS down?

While no official word came down from CBS, viewers of Comcast, Spectrum and DirecTV all chimed in with issues viewing the channel at kickoff of the Chiefs vs. Browns divisional matchup.

For those trying to figure out how to rectify the situation, the only option seems to be to wait: The game eventually came back to the network, with some providers acknowledging the outage.

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