Arbys lowers standards for Red Wings fans to get free curly fries

The Red Wings have struggled so far this season, posting a 1-6-2 record through nine games.

It’s a league-worst record, but that was to be expected as the team rebuilds. However, it’s not just the fan base that’s suffering.

For more than 10 years, Arby’s has offered free curly fries to Red Wings fans in Detroit any time a player scores a hat trick. But with only one win under their belt, the Wings aren’t scoring hat tricks at all.

It hasn’t been since the 2016-17 season that a Wings player has recorded a hat trick, so Arby’s altered the promotion to the team collectively scoring three goals, as opposed to one player.

“We want to continue to reward fans and give them the best chance possible to get free Arby’s Curly Fries,” an Arby’s spokesperson told ESPN. “After last season, we realized there were too few occurrences of Hat Tricks, leaving fans hungry for more Curly Fries. This year, we hope to reward our die hard Arby’s and Red Wings fans with a chance to savor our Curly Fries more often.”

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It’s a fun way to keep the promotion going, since it’s become so popular with fans. It’s even gottent to the point where Red Wings broadcasters will mention if fans are able to get free fries.

Now fans can still get their curly fries, even as Detroits struggles continue.

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