Evander Kane calls out NHL for not reviewing Zdeno Chara’s hit

Evander Kane was not pleased Tuesday night after an altercation with Zdeno Chara on the ice, and he really wasn’t pleased Wednesday morning when the NHL decided not to have a hearing over the incident.

If you missed the action, Chara laid into Kane pretty hard in the third period.

Headshot?#SJSharks #Bruins pic.twitter.com/FGyImuOtEF

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Kane didn’t take kindly to that hit, and followed up by tossing a few punches in Chara’s direction. He then tossed Chara down to the ground resulting in a full-on fight between the two.

Remind me to never get on @evanderkane_9’s bad side…#SJSharks pic.twitter.com/atZTtnm2ES

Here’s what Kane had to say about the hit, via NESN:

“It was a hit right to my face, head, whatever you want to call it. Clearly I get up and look at the referee who’s watching from the corner and he’s standing there with both arms down and I’m absolutely stunned. … I’m not going to sit there and take a direct shot to the head.

“I watched the replay, it looks like he elevates his shoulder into my head. I know he’s a big boy. We’ve seen it throughout the league, looks exactly the same to me. That’s a classic headshot.”

At 10:03 a.m. Wednesday morning, Sharks reporter Kevin Kurz tweeted, “Zdeno Chara will not receive any supplementary discipline for his hit of Evander Kane last night … It’s my understanding that the league considered it impossible for Chara to hit Kane through the body without avoiding some head contact due to position Kane was in after he lunged for the puck, which I suspected might be the case.”

Just a half hour later, Kane tweeted this:


Clearly, Kane didn’t agree with the league’s decision.

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