NHL Power Rankings: The scariest thing about each team this Halloween, for better or worse

Halloween isn’t limited to your neighborhood, you know.

Sure, trick-or-treating can be fun, especially if you’re using your kids to get some extra candy for your stash. But the spooks and scares of Oct. 31 extend well beyond the houses you’re hitting for Reese’s on this fine fall evening. In fact, they extend all the way into pro sports, as evidenced by the costumes on display by NBA, NFL and NHL athletes the last few days.

It seemed especially appropriate, then, to tackle this week’s edition of NHL Power Rankings with a Halloween twist.

In the spirit of spookiness, we’ve spiced up our hockey pecking order with the scariest thing about each and every one of the NHL’s 31 teams. Here’s the catch: The scariest thing can be either good or bad. So while plenty of teams, like the rising Pittsburgh Penguins with a resurgent Matt Murray in goal, have reasons to take pride in their scariness, there are a handful of others, like the cellar-dwelling Detroit Red Wings, who should be scared of themselves. And then there are the scariest things of all — things like the Columbus Blue Jackets’ style of play, which can be equally good or bad.

What’s scary about your favorite team? Find out in this week’s NHL Power Rankings:

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