‘Surge’ warning: Carolina Hurricanes bring back infamous victory celebration for new season

The “bunch of jerks” are back.

Less than a year after the Carolina Hurricanes unwittingly started a post-victory celebration that would draw the ire of one of hockey’s most influential figures, the team opened the 2019-20 season with a 4-3 shootout victory over the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday. Of course, a home win allowed the Hurricanes to once again use its now traditional victory celebration: the “Storm Surge.” 

Last season, the choreographed celebration drew the ire of Hockey Night In Canada’s Don Cherry, who famously ranted against Carolina’s postgame antics. The team used the criticism and notoriety to garner unprecedented attention on both sides of the border, even going so far as to use Cherry’s “bunch of jerks” put-down as an official slogan for the remainder of the season as the celebrations became more elaborate in nature.

Thursday’s celebration made it clear that the “jerks” — and the “Storm Surge” — are back.

Led by Dougie Hamilton, the entire arena engaged in the “Skol” clap before the players skated the length of the ice and jumped into the boards.

Given that this was just Game 1 of 82, it’s reasonable to expect that Carolina’s post-win celebrations will become more grandiose as the season lumbers on. Maybe they can even get Cherry in on the fun.

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