Bernie Ecclestone’s wild life – £50m jewellery heist, dad at 89 and gun arrest

Bernie Ecclestone's arrest for carrying a gun while boarding a private plane is the just the tip of the iceberg of his wild life.

Former F1 chief Ecclestone was stopped by police in Brazil on Wednesday (May 25) after they found an undocumented Seecamp 32 LWS Pistol, a small personal defence handgun, in his luggage for the flight. After explaining he was unaware his possession had made its way into the bag, Ecclestone paid his bail and headed home to Switzerland.

It's the latest headline-making event in the 91-year-old's remarkable story. He now lives in a £23million chalet called 'Le Lion' in the highly exclusive resort town of Gstaad.

The British business magnate is joined there by wife Fabiana Flosi, who roughly half his age at 45. Despite that gap, the pair welcomed their son Ace in July 2020.

And he has suggested there could be more on the way. Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, Ecclestone said: "Now I have more time on my hands and I hope I can spend it with my son as he grows up. I don't know if we will stop here.

"Perhaps he should have a little brother or sister. Fabiana said she wanted a ­family, and I told her, 'That's no problem for me. Half a dozen kids is great'."

Ecclestone is a father-of-four, having already had daughters Deborah, 66, who was born to his first wife Ivy Bamford, and Tamara, 37, and Petra, 33, from his second marriage to Slavica Radic.

While some of his family have kept away from his fame, model and socialite Tamara embraced it and became a household name in her own right. But she ended up being targeted in a 2019 raid of her central London home which saw £50million worth of jewellery stolen while she was on holiday.

“I don’t have all the facts but given all the security at the house, I’m assuming it was an inside job," her dad claimed after the event. "It’s an awful thing to happen just after she had left the house to go to Lapland. Although maybe it’s better that she wasn’t in at the time.”

Ecclestone has regularly raised eyebrows with his often controversial public comments but he virtually singled-handedly ran F1 for 40 years until he was replaced in 2017 following Liberty Media's takeover.

He started out in the sport way back in 1958 and entered two Grand Prix, but turned to management after that venture failed. He later bought the Brabham team and further built up his wealth as he climbed the ladder.

The Sunday Times Rich List in 2021 estimated his net worth to be £2.5billion. So not only does he have a £30m yacht, but he also several luxury properties and even his own mountain, in Gstaad.

Ecclestone purchased The Glacier 3000 because "he liked it", Tamara revealed on her reality show Tamara's World.

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