Bottas makes drastic appearance changes with new mullet and moustache

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Valtteri Bottas has opted for a new look as he enjoys the F1 off-season. The Alfa Romeo driver, who finished 10th in the 2022 drivers standings with his new team, uploaded a video to Twitter sporting a mullet – a new style and one much longer than his previous haircut.

The 33-year-old is currently spending time in Australia with his partner Tiffany Cromwell who is from the country. In the video he shared on Twitter titled #offseason, it starts with him having a coffee with Cromwell and her suggesting that he does not fit in the couple’s surroundings. She asked him: “Well how are you going to do that (fit in)?”

To which Finnish star replied: “I think I’m going to need to change my style.” Cromwell then responded by asking: “What do you mean?'”, before Bottas answered: “You’ll see.” The video then cuts to Bottas in a barbershop as he is transformed with the mullet haircut and new outfit.

He is wearing a Victoria Bitter lager vest and matching shorts with a bottle of the traditional Australian beverage in hand. During the off-season it is likely Bottas will take part in some cycling, after previously telling the BBC how much he enjoys it.

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Finland’s current number one driver began life getting across southern Finland’s unforgiving parcours on a bike. “My daily commute to school, even if it was snowing or raining or whatever, was by bike,” Bottas said.

“For me it was a normal commute, so I didn’t find it that hard – I got used to it and the wet weather.” And Bottas, 33, a man who has burned his fair share of fossil fuels in winning 10 Formula 1 races for Mercedes, has joined the revolution and has fallen in love with gravel racing.

He added: “Gravel racing is something that’s been really rapidly growing, getting more and more popular especially in the United States. I did my first gravel race last year in Steamboat Springs – SBT GRVL [near Denver, Colorado]. Most people go mountain biking and road cycling, but it just gives you the opportunity to explore a bit more – get on roads without any traffic or without any people. That’s the pretty cool thing about it.”

The former Mercedes man has even launched his own race for next year – FNLD GRVL. It is set across the very same landscape where he grew up around Lahti – a Finnish city of 120,000 people which chose him as an ambassador to drive change.

“I try to get involved in some of my passions – nature, cycling, and another one is coffee… no doubt good there’ll be good coffee in the race,” Bottas continued. “I like to reward myself after a ride with a beer or a gin and tonic, so that could be an opportunity. I think there’s going to be a few things linked to the event I’m involved with that I have a passion for.

“It’s quite common for people [in gravel cycling] to have camp fires and cook some marshmallows or something, but the nature in Finland is something we will try to make accessible for people to explore – then maybe have a sauna or go swimming straight after race.”

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