Christian Horner’s cheeky shot at Aston Martin as Vettel shines in Azerbaijan

Red Bull's Team Principal Christian Horner delivered a cheeky dig towards Sebastian Vettel after the Azerbaijan GP on Sunday afternoon.

Vettel was praised for his sixth-placed finish – after it looked as though he might have to retire from the race. The German had attempted to pass Esteban Ocon when he flew off the course in Baku on lap 13.

However, thanks to his immense skills behind the wheel, Vettel was able to spin the car around. And Horner, after the race, said: "Seb is doing a great job, he’s got a good car [chuckles]. It’s great to see the old boy’s still got it. I’m pleased for Seb, he did a good job today.”

Last month, Horner said Red Bull will launch an internal investigation to check whether Aston Martin have copied their F1 car.

He said: "Imitation is the biggest form of flattery at the end of the day. And it's no coincidence we've had a few individuals who have transferred from Red Bull to Aston Martin over the winter and the early part of this season.

"It was actually brought to our attention by the FIA earlier in the week when they said, 'We've got a car which looks remarkably like yours, can we have a list of your leavers to see where they went?'"

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Horner then added: "We will have an internal investigation.

"We see it up and down the paddock individuals move from team to team after a gardening leave period. What individuals take in their head, that's fair game and is their knowledge.

"What isn't fair and totally unacceptable is if there has been any transfer of IP [intellectual property]."

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