F1 fans brand Horner "absolute toad" for saying Red Bull were "hard done by"

F1 fans have branded Red Bull's chief principal Christian Horner as an 'absolute toad' after he claimed Red Bull were hard done by last season.

Red Bull were the major beneficiary of Michael Masi's decision to finish the race in Abu Dhabi last season. However, Horner claims that over the course of the season, Red Bull suffered more than other teams.

Speaking on Sky, Horner said: "We felt pretty aggrieved, throughout the year, we always seemed to be on the wrong end of the decision making. Over the balance of the season, even at the beginning of the race in Abu Dhabi, we felt hard done by."

One fan fumed: "How on earth can Horner sit and say that with a straight face?! What an absolute toad."

Another fumed: "The fact that Sky are giving this cheat [Horner] the time of day is disgusting enough. But to listen to him complain about how hard done by they are is just sickening! F1 got faith to build."

"Horner saying on Sky that Red Bull were more hard done by last season than any other team," a third added with a laughing emoji.

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The F1 circus is gearing to start up for the 2022 season over the weekend as the racing kicks off in Bahrain.

Lewis Hamilton took the chequered flag in 2021, but Horner will be hoping Max Verstappen can start his title defence on top of the podium.

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